Monday, June 20, 2011

Heynature vs. Natina BB Creams

I don't know much about you but I have yet to love my Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus. I thought I'd be satisfied but then again... after several tries, I gave up and gave the BB Cream to my mum. Not all the products work on all skin types, hence, I've to let it go.

So, after that, I have completely stopped using BB Creams because personally, liquid foundation works better for me. I prefer heavy duty makeup, I love HD makeup and I need full coverage foundations that don't me look caked up! Well, blame it on the imperfections on me.

I came across Heynature's products thanks to my cousins and initially, I was skeptical because BB Creams for me, always turn out to look greyish or ghastly white! This particular BB Cream from Heynature actually regains my love for BB Creams because believe it or not, I've been using it for quite some time, it doesn't break me out, it evens out my skin tone and also, even though it doesn't provide full coverage like foundations do, still... the BB Cream looks natural enough - just like your second layer of skin.

That is the BB Cream I was talking about a while ago! Heynature Silver Label Aqua Blast Blemish Base SPF35 PA++ and it's mine!

Upon squeezing it out from the tube, this BB Cream is quite watery. Since I don't really fancy watery products because if a product is watery, you tend to squeeze or pump out more than you need, I was skeptical but then again, I've decided to give it a go.

Wore it out for the first time 2 months ago and been hooked on it ever since that I have yet to touch my Stage foundations for quite some time already! So, I ditched the thought of not loving watery BB Creams. This product is quite impressive actually!

Upon blending onto the back of my hand, the BB Cream looks quite light but after a while, the colour turns out to match my skin tone perfectly - not too light, not too dark, which is a good news because even Skin79 BB Creams oxidize on me!

Yes, that is me, modeling in the fitting room as usual. The best of this BB Cream is that it doesn't crease on me at all, no, no, not at all! I admit, I did set it with a little powder but hey, that's all! It lasts for like 8 hours maximum!

Price - RM96 but I bought it at 50% discount from my cousin
Product - 5 out of 5
Packaging - 3 out of 5
Availability - My LYN Sales
Re-purchase - Yes!

If you're interested, please click here!

Now, comes another type of BB Cream. I believe this BB Cream first made it's appearance in Watson in 2009 but somehow, Watson doesn't have it any longer.

Recently, I have the chance to try out these two BB Creams courtesy of stupid sister! The black BB Cream is lighter while the pink BB Cream is somehow darker.

In order to match my shade, I mixed both of the BB Creams and voila, it matched my skin tone again! Good news is these BB Creams don't break me out again and packaging looks professional enough!!!

Now, bad things is... erm... they creased on me especially on my expression lines! I did set it with powder but still, they creased and I wasn't aware until stupid sister pointed out at me that my skin flaked badly upon usage. LOLX!

Not good... Enough say.

Price - RM49.90 (black) & RM98 (pink)
Product - 2 out of 5
Packaging - 3 out of 5
Availability - Stardust Studio @ Fahrenheit88
Re-purchase - No!

Now, here comes the comparison - Heynature vs. Natina.

Heynature BB Cream is more watery, hence, you may end up squeezing too much of the product but application is smooth and effortless! As of Natina, the BB Cream is quite hard to blend. It feels like rubber on my skin, I don't know why.

Other than that, I'd say Heynature loses to Natina only on the coverage. Natina is more towards medium coverage but for Heynature, if you want it to be medium coverage, you have to apply second or third layer.

As of the prices of these two BB Creams, they're almost the same but still, at the end of the day, it depends on your personal preference.

Oh, Heynature Aqua Blast BB Cream is suitable for those with oily skin like me and also targeting the audience of the age group of 35 and up but who cares, it works for me!

Heynature does have another product under the same range called Pearl Label Brightening Blemish Base SPF35 PA++. Well, this BB Cream is meant for those with drier skin and also targeting people of the age 35 and below. I tried this but it didn't work for me and made me looked as if I could fry an egg on my face!

You can read Isabel's review on this BB Cream though.

Bad thing is that, for Heynature, you don't have much choices - they only come in one shade per product. Hence, if you're too dark or too fair, these BB Creams won't work on you!

That's all for now, people, have a wonderful Wednesday ahead!

** Product is bought using my own moo-lah, I am not sponsored or anything.

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