Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tony Moly Fresh Cooling Aqua 24 Eyes Stick

I have horrible and terrible dark circles due to insufficient sleep and rest. Aahh... I miss those good old days when I have too much sleep but these days, even after I resigned from my job, I still have those horrid dark circles.

Sometimes, those dark circles are just too obvious that they make my eyes puffy that I'd feel uncomfortable and tired!

Hence... lemme introduce a product that it'll give you a momentary soothing and de-puffing effect - Tony Moly Fresh Cooling Aqua 24 Eyes Stick!

What a long name for a product!


Anyway, the product claims that it'll soothe the tired skin around your eyes while refreshes and moisturizes it.

I'd say this product is quite mini - yes... small size... when I first saw it during MOFEW, I was like, "Heck... this product is so damn small - shouldn't be so expensive."


Every judge at Tony Moly Idol gave me an X for the wrong thought.

It retails for RM50 and that is freaking expensive for only 9g worth of product!

There you go, that is all the product - not much, I know. LOLX!

I mean, usually, I wouldn't even splurge on stuffs like this because I'd rather buy a bottle of eyedrop like Rohto but since it was the last day of MOFEW and normally on the last day, a lot of stuffs were sold at relatively cheap prices!

I got this for RM30 only.

So, basically, how do you use this product?

As easy as A-B-C!

Please refer to the picture below.

You just have to make sure your skin is clean so that it won't contaminate the whole product - I hate the packaging though. It does mean every time when you want to use the product, you've gotta wash your face.

I mean if you've washed your face, what's the point of the eye stick, right?

This is the picture of before and after application.

Erm... honestly, I don't feel much difference except for the fact that it does soothe the eyes' area a while but the effect doesn't last long.

Appearance wise, well... it does nothing. You be your own judge.

On another account, I don't really like this product because it does feel sticky. I hate sticky products on my skin. When the product dries up, if you're like me, you love rubbing your eyes, you'll notice a layer of sticky product will come off together - eeewww...

No likey, no likey!

Soothes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin around the eyes.
Expensive. Not available in Tony Moly outlet in Sg. Wang. Not hygienic packaging. Leaves a layer of sticky residue after usage.
I don't think I'll be spending RM50 on a product that's below average like this one. I was expecting a lot but well... I know, not every product works for everyone.

Price - RM50
Product - 1.5 out of 5
Packaging - 1.5 out of 5
Availability - Infinite Skin Shop
Re-purchase - No

** Product is bought using my own moo-lah, I am not sponsored or anything.


Isabel said...

Bleh! I don't really believe in eye stuff anymore cos none of them do anything for my panda eyes! I've heard much about the this super exp eye cream though but I don't remember the name (I know, so stupid). I think its called B____ hyxelin

Angel Valerie said...

I know which one you're talking about already. LOLX! Exactly the same product I thought I'd wanna indulge on but yeah... might re-consider my decision to get one now. I think I might be switching to SKII once I am done with my current skincare because my brother is on SKII for 9 years and darn... his complexion is better than mine!!!