Thursday, December 1, 2011

Empro Black Diamond Liner

Ever since I am over the hype of Kate Liquid Eyeliner phase, I told myself, "I'm gonna find a better liquid liner!"

Well, my Kate liquid eyeliner performed really well and yes, as the matter of fact, I still like it but you know, sometimes, you just wanna try out new stuffs.

So, during Empro Roadshow at Midvalley last month, I picked up several items and one of them happened to be the Black Diamond Liner since I ran out of liquid liner and best of all, I got it at a discounted price of less than RM30!

If you don't know about Empro just yet, go and ask Mr. Google, I am sure he'll be more than just pleased to tell you what Empro is, the founder, Mr. Coco Alex and bla, bla, bla. I got to know Empro around 3 or 4 years back when I was searching for the right eyebrow pencil and ever since I started using it, I knew it'll be my HG eyebrow pencil!

So, yeah, I am a faithful supporter and user of Empro Eyebrow Pencil.

Alright, basically, Black Diamond Liner as the name suggested is an eyeliner - liquid eyeliner to be exact.

It comes with a brush tip, just like my Kate Liquid Eyeliner but the tip of this brush feels sturdier. That's a good thing because you can control the width of the lines you're gonna draw on your eyes!

You see, one of the reason why I bought it was because the promoter told me that it's waterproof. I didn't question a lot because I tried it on the spot and fell in love with the eyeliner like immediately!

No further questions until when I got home and tried it out a week later, well... initially, I was quite impressed when I used it.

~ My apologies for the pale just-woke-up face ~

It really feels like heaven when I am using this eyeliner. It glides but the only thing that I don't like is that you've gotta build on the density because this eyeliner isn't opaque enough. So, to achieve the jet-black lines, you've to keep on doubling up the eyeliner until it's black enough.

Get my point?

After applying, I went to work happily, having to think about my lunch date with stupid sister at Bon Ga BBQ Korean Restaurant at Solaris Mont Kiara. I waited patiently for her to get off work and pheeeeewww... suddenly, something got into my eyes.

Adoi, pedihnya mata aku...

Then, I realized my hair got into my eyes.

I cursed non-stop for that piece of hair!

Tra, la, la, la... I waited for stupid sister for 10 minutes before I decided to check myself out in the rear mirror.

To my horror, I looked like this!!!

FML... where has my drawn eyeliner gone to?

I was pretty sure I did apply the eyeliner before I got out of the house!

It didn't sound good to me so, I checked on my hands and fingers and terrifyingly, FML again, I found the trace of the eyeliners on my fingers!

Triple FML!!!

That means the eyeliner came off when I rubbed my eyes, thus, leaving residues on my lower eye areas as well as my fingers!

I FB-ed Isabel and told her about it like instantly. Hahahaha... #obsessed. You can check out her review on this eyeliner as well.

After our quick FB session, as soon as I got home, I experimented it with water. I was curious about the waterproof-ness.

So, I'll let the picture does the talking.

OMFG... after I wet it and kinda rubbed it, the eyeliner wore off!

I kid you not - you should have seen my expression when it worn off just from water and rubs. I had high expectations!

So... now, I learn that waterproof doesn't mean it is water-resistant. LOLX! It remained when it touched water but when I rubbed or stroke it with water on, it worn off!

Glides on like magic. Brush tip is immaculate because you can control the thickness of every stroke!
Shade isn't the blackest black, needs to layer on for darker result. Not water and rub resistant.
Now, I'm kinda a little disappointed because yeah, like I've said earlier, I expected this piece to be equally good as my previous Kate Liquid Eyeliner but well... there's no perfection. I guess after this I'll stick to my Kate Liquid Eyeliner like mad!

Price - Below RM50, I can't remember
Product - 3 out of 5
Packaging - 4 out of 5 because I love secured cap thingy!
Availability - Empro, CociCoci, Watson, Sasa
Re-purchase - Maybe not

Have you tried Empro Black Diamond Liner yet?

** Product is bought using my own moo-lah, I am not sponsored or anything.

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Isabel said...

LOLL!!! xD

Actually this is considered 'waterproof' ba. You have not tried the Beautilicious one. Gosh.. Put one drop of water on it and it just melts away without rubbing =_="