Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet and romantic

I shall take a break from discussing about relationships and related stuffs for a bit because well... I just don't feel good talking about it and honestly, yes, you're so right, I still miss the ex-mister from time to time and the only way to make myself forget about him is to do something I love.

You know what I love, right?

So, today, I shall teach you how to achieve a sweet and yet romantic look - minus the lashes if you don't like them but I like them because I was going for a photoshoot at the time I did this look, hence, well... thicker and fuller lashes always make your eyes shine!

The hero of the day was...

Taa-daah... the infamous 88 eyeshadow palette that I supposed majority of you out there own one of it, right?

If you don't, I guess Manly 120 or 180 palette will work perfectly fine for this look too! Please don't quote me, I am no professional makeup person because I am yet another typical girl who loves dolling up and photoshoots, that's all.

I was going for a sweet and romantic cowgirl look the other day due to the windy and cloudy weather lately.

Before that, don't forget to apply your eyeshadow base and for the sake of this look, I tried to re-love my NYX HD Eyeshadow Base.

Well... I did say in my first entry that NYX HD Eyeshadow Base worked great but after using it for second, third, fourth, bla, bla, bla times... I think it didn't do any justice to me already due to my oily lids. Perhaps, when I first used it, I didn't put on my makeup for more than four hours, thus, I couldn't pinpoint if this eyeshadow base is a wonder or not but for the price of less than RM30 or USD$7, what can you complain if you were to compare this product to UDPP at a hefty USD$17 or more?

Enough say about it... Let's proceed to the look of the day as you'll see this look created!

Please refer to the first picture and you'll know what shade I am talking about if you're lost in the middle of the entry.

Here you go... that's the summary of all the colours that I've used. The secret to a balanced eyeshadow is as we all know, blend, blend, blend, blend.

Sad to say I'm yet a pro in blending yet because I spent like a good 15 minutes or so trying to get the tones that I've wanted.

Anyway, a picture to divert you from my lousy skills.

Gazillion of falsies for an UUMMPPPHH look in pictures! Hahahaha... I just got the lower lashes the other day, hence, I was gonna try out cute doll look. Pardon the ugly yellow top because those pictures were taken after the shoot. LOLX!

Here's another attempt of mine trying to look sexy.

It has been so long since I last wore my hair curly. Hehe... Loving it and well, still, I love more of my straight and sleek hair to go for permanent curl.

Afterwards, when I removed the falsies and also undone my hair, this was the effect.

I love my hair in the picture above. Waaah... I am contemplating if I should go to the salon or not because I ditched the idea of going to the salon since a month ago after my bangs.

My hair does feel long now and my sister was telling me to cut my hair since long hair is not very healthy. I know, I have split ends but then again, it took me 2 freaking years to grow my hair to this length, so, I do feel really sayang cutting it.

Anyway, before I end, here's a last mandatory camwhore picture to share with you... Well, I'm just giving you an imagination of what kinda look I went for that day.

Have a blessed week, stay healthy and happy and lotsa, lotsa love from yours truly.


Isabel said...

wahh your falsies!

I'm considering going back to falsies since mascaras dont seem to give me what I want (and I think my lashes dropped alot too thats y)

@nGeLine said...

You looks pretty and sweet after make-up. Cheers up, girl.

Angel Valerie said...

Isabel, hahaha... dramatic, right? LOLX! I supposed I have the same thought as you but luckily my lashes don't drop a lot but my hair do! Geez... so much for long hair.

Angeline, *blushes* thanks for the compliment!