Friday, November 11, 2011

Sticks and more sticks!

So, it's officially 11.11.11 and well... nothing special but I call it, Day of the Sticks.

Hahaha... The reason is simple, look at all the number one-s... they look like sticks! So, if sticks come in a bundle, fret not even if you're not attached or anything because for sure you know, you have the company of wonderful people around you!

Remember to thank God on this day that you're not a steak because steak is served in one piece per plate, hence being a steak is lonelier than being sticks. Hahaha.

Therefore, I've spent my day, fretting over this...

Yes, I was bitten by goddamn insects and the itchiness and pain got transmitted all over my legs and thighs. Fuck those insects!

Anyway, to divert you away from my ugly legs... I'm gonna show you one of my pictures taken at Empro Roadshow at Midvalley last weekend.

Not my best or slimmest picture but nevertheless, I like it.

Have a great weekend, people!

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