Saturday, November 5, 2011

If you only have one wish...

Well, what would it be?

To be tall, rich, good-looking or healthy?

I guess the answer would differ from one person to another. Since I am in no position to tell you which one you should choose, I would tell you what I have chosen.

The answer is...

Deng, deng, deng, deng!

*drums roll*


I am a simple person stuck in this complicated world. The truth is, no matter how simple you want your life to be, believe it or not, life is never meant to be simple. You may think of a way to make yourself happy but the truth is, are you truly happy?

I used to tell mum, if I were given a chance, I would wish I had nothing but just someone to love me and be with me through ups and down. I told her, "If God were to grant me this wish, I'd do whatever it takes to keep this guy."

As simple as that.

The truth is... meeting the right person isn't simple and it's not easy.

All of us know, the hot guys out there, they are after the hot girls.

Yeah, right, don't these guys know that the hot girls are not exactly going after your look? It's your wealth that matters to them?

I am not pin-pointing anyone out there because this is comment sense - if you are damn rich guy, of course you'd want a hot girlfriend even though you may look like erm... a deadbeat. Pardon me for saying that but that is the truth. Do these guys know we, girls, are exactly programmed to think just like them?

Consider these...

Pretty VS. Ugly Girls

So, you wanna a hot babe of a girlfriend and you don't want someone like the character from Bride of Chucky, right? Well... you've got it - there are a lot of hot girls out there and you're free to choose any one or two of them. You can even do solo or double date with any of them if you have Vitamin M.

Rich VS. Poor Guys

In order to date the hottest girl out there, I am pretty sure guys, you've gotta possess a lot of Vitamin M because these girls will totally drain you out since they're already so hot, hence, if you wanna impress them, it's either you embarrass yourself or you use your Vitamin M to get their attention - flowers, cars, houses, clothes, jewelleries, yada, yada, yada.

Therefore, it is fair enough that hot girls go along with rich guys.

Slim VS. 'Curvy' Girls

We always hear people say, "If you've got it, flaunt it."

What if you don't have it and you still wanna flaunt it? Imagine a cat and a pig - which would you choose, guys?

All the shit about look doesn't matter is purely a lie because if you are a pig, girls, no guys would even want to look at you whereas if you purr like a car, well, what else can I say? These guys, they love it!

Tall VS. Short Guys

For once, God is fair - no matter if you are short or tall for all the girls out there, it doesn't really matter but for a guy, deng, deng, here comes your worst nightmare!

You guys often want to pick up hot and sexy and curvy girls, we girls are just the same like you. We wanna date hot, sexy, dark, tall and handsome guys.

The next time you guys pick on certain girls, go and mirror yourself. If you have the uuumpph factor, go for it but if you don't own these factors, stop making the lives of these girls miserable by labeling them as pork chop, fatty or whatsoever. You are byfar, not any better than any of them!

At the end of the day, if you still were to ask me if I were given one final wish, would it be the same as the wish above. My answer is simple, yes, I would trade everything I have now just for God to send me my Mr. Right. Throughout my life, I've been searching for one but kept on bumping into Mr. Wrongs who broke my heart.

Don't tell me about bumping into Mr. Wrongs isn't a bad thing - because you'll cherish your Mr. Right more. There is NO such thing! I tried cherishing Wei Sheng but he ended up breaking my heart just like those jerks I've met in the past!

Maybe I should be greedier - I take back my previous wish and my new wish is, "I will have 10,000 wishes coming true everyday!"

Have a great weekend, people!

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@nGeLine said...

Hi girl,
I am a simple girl also. Same as other girls, I like tall, handsome and rich guys, but reality always reality, those guys alway look on hot and sexy girls. And those guys mostly are playboy, hehe.

You will get your Mr.right soon.