Saturday, October 15, 2011

The green hornet - not!

Argh... I've been procrastinating in keeping my blog updated lately. I know, it's my fault but I have really been busy with work and also studies that have completely swallowed my personal and private moments with family, friends and also my fellow readers.

Still, I thank you with all my heart that there are still people reading, following and emailing me. Yes, I appreciate all your kind thoughts and words.

I do go through each comment and email, so, to this particular girl, Angeline, here's a shout out for you! I have visited your blog and glad to know you're a Sarawakian as well!

Lately, my life hasn't been smooth, a lot of disastrous dramas and issues came about. Yeah, I broke with Dr. Wong, been going through series of pain after the sudden breakup, having parents nagging over my youngest sister's issues, not being able to find time to just sit down and relax, getting news that Mr Dimples is gonna leave Malaysia for good and going through stupid communication breakdowns and arguments with my boss!

Now, you tell me, how many of you actually can go through so many things at once?

Stupid sister was telling me, "Your last resort is - alcohol!"

I should have killed stupid sister but nah, Heineken isn't my cuppa tea. Mr. Dimples was right, Tiger tastes much better than Heineken.

Lemme tell you what happened...

Earlier, when I first started out working at my current place, the boss was really nice to me so, when she asked if I would want to find a boyfriend, I told her jokingly, "Yeah, find me a doctor."

Then, little did I know, whatever I've told her was using to blackmail against myself. She went to her partner, who is the second boss, and told her, "Angel is jealous of you - you married a doctor but she couldn't find a doctor boyfriend. You're classmates but you're her boss now, so, she's envious that she hates you."

I mean, what the fuck is going on with her and her brain?

I am not envious that this partner of her who is also my classmate cum boss married a doctor. I mean, what's the point of being envious? I have my own ups in life that people are envious of too and of course what comes around goes around like karma does!

Then again, sometimes, the way how she talks to us really makes my blood boils. Yes, we are working for her but then, does she realize we are also human beings like feelings and emotions? It was too much of her when she went to another colleague and told her that I planned to brainwash that colleague of mine.

Hey, if I could brainwash anyone, I wouldn't be sitting here, working for her. I should become an infamous psychologist by now!

I've decided I couldn't tolerate this SHIT any longer so, I tendered my resignation! This job has completely taken most of my personal time and seriously, I have no time to even go out for social events at all. The job starts at 10am and almost every night, we'd work until 9pm. By the time I reach home after dinner, it'd be 11pm.

Now, you tell me, is this life crazy or what?!

Fancy saying I am a green-eyed monster!


Then again, aside from work, all of a sudden, my supervisor from UM contacted me and I was pushed to finish my thesis by December 2011. Darn... 2 more months to December 2011 and yes, I regret for procrastinating too much earlier. If only I could be more hardworking like Ms. Soo and Ms. Gao, I've already graduated!

There goes the remaining of my free time and time to get to know a new boyfie in a week!

Talking about being happy, so, am I happy with my life in current state?

Dumped by boyfriend, family and financial crisis, unhappiness at work, pressures in doing thesis and bla bla bla... how do you expect me to be happy?

I am very unsatisfied with my current life to have to tolerate with these inconsiderate people around me!

My name may be Angel but I am no angel!


@nGeLine said...

Hi angel,

I am upset when I read your blog. I knew you must be in very hard time right now. I also been dumped by bf before, facing a evil women at my working place. So, I totally understand your feelings. Be strong, girl.

Angel Valerie said...

Hey Angeline, I am okay, still coping with all the pressures and stresses at workplace. Yeah, these kinda useless guys, we'd best stay away! You deserve someone better!