Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr. Dimples

Before I start, say hello to the new addition to my CAT family!

No, he is NOT Mr. Dimples... Honestly, I haven't thought of a suitable name for this little baby of mine! Hahaha... We'll think about it later or if you have suggestions, do let me know! Oh, yeah, it's a male kitten!

Okay, it's time for the story of Mr. Dimples and I.

Are you ready?

Whenever I'm reminded of Mr. Dimples, I feel a little nostalgic...

*background nostalgic music being played*

Yeah, come to think of it, 11 years ago, around the same time, I got to know Mr. Dimples. Why do I call him Mr. Dimples? Well, he has dimples obviously. Honestly, I think guys with dimples are kinda cute with a mixture of a tinge of sexiness.

So, 11 years ago, when it was still Friendster-active years, I got to know Mr. Dimples. I can't remember how but it was funny that we actually did not keep in touch much. Most probably, he had been in either NZ or Australia during those years that we did not even have the chance to meet up.

Until 6 years ago, in 2005, when I was supposed to meet him face-to-face for the first time, both of us couldn't make it due to some issues. Well, long stories but I guess these 6 years of wait were made worthwhile after cancelling our initial meet-up!

It was only in July 2011, I finally got to meet Mr. Dimples face-to-face - yes, after 11 years in total!

Call it coincidence but yeah, he was back to Malaysia for good just a week before I went to Kuching for Mr. Choo's wedding.

I was at Kuching for 3 days 2 nights and we decided to have an official date - just the both of us. Yes, like how romantic can things get, right?

One thing that I am not wrong is Mr. Dimples indeed is one of the most thoughtful guys ever that I've ever come across!

On that particular occassion that we went out, coincidentally, I was sick and had been sick for 2 weeks and wasn't getting any better. Despite always telling jokes that, "I'm gonna marry a doctor! I wanna marry a doctor!" and stuffs like that plus there are no available and good-looking doctors around, Mr. Dimples was my doctor and medicine of the day. I told him I dislike going to clinics or hospitals, hence, secretly, he went to the pharmacy and bought medication for me. Then again, every four hourly, he would remind me to take my medicine, just like my personal alarm! Yes, we've never met each other before that and Mr. Dimples totally made me feel like an important friend!

We spent almost the whole day at the Damai Beach, just walking along the beach, giggling, joking and smashing baby crabs! He IS evil and I have proof!

Evil Mr. Dimples, right? Hahaha... Nah, I was pulling your legs, he was nice and definitely not a crab-smasher!

After we were tired, we've decided to just sit by the beach and just had nice, long talk.

Sunset was beautiful with Mr. Dimples' company and it never was - well, I guess, with the company of an old friend, why is sunset not beautiful, right?

At that moment, how I wished someone could be at least like him but nah... it's past tense now.

Mr. Dimples has made me believe that there are still trustworthy friendsout there if I am willing to open my eyes and look around me. Being next to him made me feel like I've finally found my long-lost friend and want to keep this really good friend close to me forever.

May I present to you, my very own buddy, Mr. Dimples!

11 years of friendship and still counting is totally worth it, Mr. Dimples!

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