Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. Wong and I

I hate to admit it but I've gotten my heart broken again just 2 weeks back. As much as I hoped things would work out between us but it didn't and it ended up the harsh way that I never expected it'd happen.

Remember the time when I've mentioned that there's a price to pay for dating a professional? I guess I am paying the price now - torments, pains and also heartbreaks.

Lemme resound my story and you be the judge.

I got to know Dr. Wong about 3 to 4 months back and at that point of time, I was going through some family issues because everything within the family was so messy to the point I wanted to give up but Dr. Wong was with me from day to night and night to day. He was the one giving me endless supports and advices.

Well, quite a nice guy, right?

Yeah, I guess that was one of the reasons why I fell for him in the first place and it didn't happen over night. Another reason why the feelings developed was because he told me, "No matter what, when or how, in my eyes, you're my Miss Perfect. You'll never be wrong and even if you are wrong, it'll be my fault. If you're late, I will wait, if you're crying, I'll wipe your tears, if you need a hug, I will be next to you. I will never break your heart like other jerks you've met."

How many girls out there will not fall for a guy like Dr. Wong?

When we first started out, I was a little skeptical because both of us wanted to keep things on low profile since we did not know how things would turn out for us but Dr. Wong assured me that he will work hard for this relationship to happen and I trusted him. Only some of my close friends knew him but that was the starting point of our first ever argument. He didn't like the fact that our friends knew about our relationship. This included our parents.

Being daddy's girl, the first person I told was dad and dad was really happy for me because I was asked to go for a match-making session earlier but I kept on declining but this time around, I had a reason to turn them down.

Dr. Wong was super mad at me but at the same time, he said, "I don't want you to go match-making but at the same time, can you just not tell your parents about us yet? Our relationship isn't really stable."

I had to agree with him but to the point of not letting my parents know, I thought it was a little weird. So, everything went alright because he gave in to me in the end. Awww... that was why I had fallen for him.

The second time when we quarreled was because of his time management. How can you expect your partner to keep on waiting for you and having you not turning up? I mean, hey... this is only courtship and you're not willing to show up?

Okay, I've to admit now, I only got to see Dr. Wong like once a week because according to him, a doctor is always busy and with him being the future specialist, his private time is limited. He could only make out a day out of a week for me.

I was okay with that because I thought to myself, "I'm gonna be an understanding girlfriend to him. It's not that he doesn't want come but he's busy with work."

Little did I know I was so wrong.

On the day as fate would have it, I was picking up my sister at Lot 10 when my instinct told me to just go for a walk. Earlier that day, Dr. Wong was SMS-ing me non-stop asking me what would I be doing, where would I be and not to stay outside too long. Well, I was happy at the thought my boyfriend cared about me. Just as I've sent him a SMS, "I'm going home now," as luck would have it, I bumped into him at Lot 10's entrance.

I couldn't believe my eyes. A moment ago, he was telling me he had just gotten home from doing oncall and was gonna sleep a bit before coming over to my place later that night and then, I saw him with my very eyes, alive, standing right in front of me and... HE WAS FREAKING HOLDING ANOTHER GIRL'S HAND AND HE WAS CARRYING HER HANDBAG FOR HER!

I wished I would have caught the wrong person but I knew I wasn't wrong when stupid sister told me it was him! He couldn't even utter a word in front of me when he saw me. Even when I called him, he was pretending that he was out with his friends and later that day, he told me, "She is my ex."

What the fuck is he trying to pull?

Am I a retard?

At that point of time, I finally came to realization why all these times, when I offered to send him lunch or dinner to HUKM, he turned me down. When he said he wanted to see me and I told him I'd go over to the hospital, he declined. When I asked if he was busy or not, for always, he would have something up. Whenever he came to my place, it'd be after 10pm.

I felt like a mistress all of a sudden.

If a relationship comes to this stage where you see your other half being with another person, what would you say?

His stupid explanation was easy, "She was my ex and my parents' favourite, so, they asked me to go back to her."

Great, right?

I remember, on our second date, it was coincidentally, I saw a lovey-dovey SMS on his Galaxy Ace and that was the starting point when I suspected him of dating another girl behind me. Instead of demanding for an explanation, I kept quiet because I wanted to respect him, who knows she might just be another girl who pursues him since Dr. Wong is physically fit and quite good-looking? So, I kept the thought to myself and said nothing about it.

Even when Albert was trying to warn me, "Angel, if one of these days, you bump into your boyfriend holding another girl's hand, what would you do?"

I even told Albert to respect us and that Dr. Wong would never treat me that way.

As of now, I am mending my broken heart. Yes, it might be my fault, it might be that I am the third party between him and that girl and yes, that girl could be in the same situation as me but who cares? I'm through a guy like him - cheater and liar!

I will just sit back and mend my broken heart no matter how long it takes.

You don't have to worry about me because I'm doing okay since, obviously, it wasn't my fault because I didn't go and date another guy plus, I really tried to be an understanding girlfriend but I failed. Nevertheless, that isn't an issue now because...

Life is too precious and beautiful to let go just because of a cheater and liar.

If I were to be given a choice if you'd want a boyfriend like that or stay single, I'd choose to stay single rather than being in a wrong relationship.

Sometimes, you just have to listen to the people and voices around you because you might not be right all the times.

Staying strong is one issue while believing is another.


Isabel said...

Shit.. That sucks.. But he sounded fishy from the start. Guess we should all be more cautious huh.. but that's easier said than done. Love is blind after all..

Baby Bee said...

sorry to hear the sad news angel..hopefully you will find somebody better..mums always says to me....the reason for me breaking up is that I will get a better person soon..hehehe..so hopefully u will too soon...take care okay....

Angel Valerie said...

Isabel - yeah, fishy but I wanted to just believe in him without having to suspect him but I was wrong. Nevertheless, you've to stand up from where you've fallen and then, look around you - I'm doing that now.

Baby Bee - thanks for reading my blog. Yeah, it was sad when I saw him standing right in front of me holding another girl and tears just rolled like the river but what can I do? At the same time, I am glad that I saw him with my very eyes. At least I don't have excuses or reasons not to leave him.