Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tang Shifu 汤师父

It feels like forever since I last blogged about food. Erm... it should be close to a year ago, I guess... Hahaha... Well... I haven't been adventurous in trying out new food these days. Yeah, no kaki to go eat and no kaki to go food-hunting with.

Life is pretty much monotonous since work started and hey... me no likey but what can I do? If I stay at home, it means, I'm spending money so, why not just get my butt out and work, right? At least at the end of every month, I have moo-lah to spend.

Anyway, it was really lucky that stupid sister wasn't working on a weekend 2 weeks back and we went to Sunway Pyramid to do some window shopping. Then, we ended up having dinner outside after so long...

Our choice of gastronomical delight location...

Deng, deng, deng, deng... Tang Shifu.

Erm... I am a soup-person by nature and I love soups. LOLX, obviously, right? Haha. Anyway, nothing about myself to boast about.

Since we weren't really hungry that day, we only ordered one set meal and also one side dish to be shared since yeah, on the whole, in my opinion, the prices aren't really cheap considering the fact I can also prepare the exact soups given the time and also ingredients.

Our first choice of the night was Ning Shen Nourishing Soup Set and the price came at RM 13.90 if I am not mistaken. You know, I tend to forget things easily these days.

Nothing spectacular or shout about but it's extra healthy because the set itself comes with a bowl of brown rice which we all know is healthier than white rice. Low sugar level and low cholesterol, yada, yada, yada. As of the soup, it's not oily at all and erm... erm... I am quite hesitant to say this but I think I can do better because I am an excellent cook.

It tasted pretty bland and stupid sister was repeating, "If only it could taste better."

But nothing much to complain about since we all understand the term - NOURISHING.

I wish I opted for another set now. Hahaha... Anyway, there's one dish that you'll NOT REGRET ORDERING and that you might regret not ordering.

*drums roll*

Chang, chang, chang...

Black Sesame Buns at RM12.90 per dish. At first thought, I was thinking, darn... the buns look ugly but best of all, they were served with a free bowl of braised pork! How nice of them! When I turned the buns upside down, I realized there were hollows and they weren't filled up as I thought what buns are supposed to be.

So, the bowl of pork was meant to fill up the hollows!

See how special is that?! Hahahaha... You won't regret ordering this, really! The buns were really soft and well.. sesame-y. Hahaha. If you'd consider that's the right word to use.

The pork tasted so, so nice and yeah, again, super nice! I wish I could learn to cook this dish but I guess I am not a good-enough cook after all. Hahaha...

4 buns in total and 2 each for both of us weren't enough, honestly... Stupid sister was contemplating to order more but I told her not to since well... it's a little pricey.

So, after dinner... time to camwhore...

~ The happy and full us ~

On the whole, the experience was good - staff were friendly and service was splendid, no complain about that but, but, but, but... there's one thing I don't like...

They served cold dish or better known as appetizer but this dish is charged at RM2 without prior notification. So, I dislike that!

Other than that tiny issue, I am okay with the overall experience - nourishing, healthy and at the end of it, boost your confidence and enhance your beauty!

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