Sunday, December 5, 2010

A good meal!

Yes, it has been so, so long since I last sat down with my family for a good meal. Yes, blame it on all the dieting and stuffs like that - I've been skipping meals after meals.

Dad was saying, "Uh... Finally, a good family meal!"

Yes, no topics on cosmetics today since I'm on a cosmetic-ban mode for a week!

Mum pretty much left me in-charge of dinner. Hence, I decided to prepare a mixture of Western and also Eastern meals.

~ Uhmook Bokkeum 어묵볶음 or Spicy Stir Fry Fish Cakes ~

That was super easy to prepare - in fact, one of the easiest Korean dish to prepare that doesn't require a lot of time at all. Well, it sounds great for a lazy bum like me. Blame it on the lazy hormones since I've been going through a series of hormonal changes.

Next in line was a Portuguese dish...

~ Portuguese Style Steamed White Pomfret ~

Mum and dad approved this dish and said, "We can cook this again next time." Hahaha... It doesn't look yummy but it was good!

The last dish I had prepared was Red Wine Pork.

~ Red Wine Pork ~

I was supposed to be able to prepare this dish since it's Foochow's favourite! Yes, I'm of Foochow descendant but I couldn't cook this dish. LOLX! I had to ask for mum's assistance to prepare this. Well... 60% of success. Hahaha... Insufficient ginger.

Alright, that will be all for today. Will update soon tomorrow.

Have a great week ahead!

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