Friday, September 16, 2011

Guess who went shopping again?

Happy Malaysia Day, people!

For those of you who are having holiday today, good news for you and an extra reason for you to go shopping but for those of you i.e. ME, who are still working as of today until 7pm, booo hooo... bad news and nothing to look forward too...

But then again, yeah, guess who went shopping last week?

Yeah... the answer is obvious and it's me! Hahaha... Lame and cold joke but I loike, I loike! Makeup products replenishing time even though I still have lotsa products lying about in my room.

Not to worry, not to worry... yours truly did not splurge. Instead, I just bought 4 items from CociCoci, Midvalley. Hahaha... You bet, it is products from Essence again!

Yeah, I bought 2 lip liners and 2 lipsticks because I am so in love with the very moisturizing lipsticks. As of the lip liners, they're so, so creamy that they glide on easily!

~ Lipsticks in Fashionista and Glam Love ~

I was quite disappointed for the fact that I did not manage to get the lipstick in Almost Famous. Darn... I want that shade so, so much because it's red and I am learning to wear red.

Isabel, 加油, aza-aza fighting, ka yao in learning to wear red lipsticks too!

~ Lip liners in Nude Coral and Cute Pink ~

There are no swatches as of today because I haven't try out those products yet since I am a very, very busy person. LOLX!

Anyway, I gotta get going now - work's calling!

Happy weekend, people!

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