Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stage Eye Shadow Mono

Honestly, I don't get easily intrigued by mono eyeshadows. I'm always on the go, hence, I need all the colours you could ever think of to come in one single palette. I hate bringing too many eyeshadows when I am traveling.

This time around, I've decided to give the mono eyeshadows a try since I have Stage's RM30 discount voucher. Best of all, the time when I went to Stage, they were having this RM12 bonanza where selected items at the store are sold at only RM12 each. Wasn't that the best excuse to shop?

I picked up 3 mono eyeshadows at only RM12 each!

Tested, tried and loving them. Hence, I bought these three eyeshadows! So, why would I say tested and tried? I went for a make-over there and Charmaine used these colours on my eyes - I loved the effect!

These eyeshadows are very, very smooth and pigmented as being promoted by Charmaine! Oh, Charmaine is the BA at Stage Pavilion and she's really, really beautiful and gorgeous and also friendly!

The colours that I picked up were Canary, Espresso and Bahamas.

Of course I will provide swatches, not to worry! On the whole, the packaging is so-so but well, you can't judge a book by its cover, right?

Hence, behold...

~ From left to right: Canary, Espresso, Bahamas ~

I thought to myself during swatching, "I don't want to waste the product, just tap lightly will do!"

Canary, from the swatches, is a white shade with yellow undertones. It's a little frosty and best used for blending eyeshadows and also as highlight.

Espresso is a matte deep brown eyeshadow, yes deep brown and nothing else. It's great for those who wants a down-to-earth look and also, well... smokey eyes!

Bahamas is for those of you who love shimmers and glitters because in real life, it's so shimmery. I admit, even though I prefer matte over shimmery eyeshadows, sometimes, I do get the urge to purchase shimmery ones.

The colours in reality are much more pigmented. If you're interested, head over to Stage Cosmetics at either Pavilion, Midvalley or Tropicana City Mall.

Price - RM45 each
Product - 4 out of 5
Packaging - 3 out of 5
Availability - Stage Cosmetics
Re-purchase - Probably if I have the moo-lah

** Product is bought using my own moo-lah, I am not sponsored or anything.

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