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Etude House

I should start off this entry with an exclamation actually...

Hence... here goes nothing!


I wanna talk about products from Etude House today because I've been there for like more than 5 times but less than 10 times last week. Err... actually, I've lost count but never mind. No wonder Isabel said I'm a bad influence. Hahahaha... I guess I am after all.

So, back to our topic for today... Etude House!

Like which one of you girls out there actually don't pay attention when you pass by EH's outlet in shopping malls? They're all so pretty in pink, hence, if you pass them by without noticing them, I guess well... perhaps, EH is not something you'll settle for.

But, but, but, don't tell me you never did notice the big arse picture of Lee Min Ho outside majority of EH's outlets! No way!

Aherm... then, you can consider Sephora. Well... high end brands can be found there, hence, Sephora is good but for the time being, I'll settle for EH for a while.

Anyway, the time spent at EH, Metro Prima Kepong was the most enjoyable time! The BAs were so, so friendly that they really took time to explain each product in details even when they were already so busy entertaining other customers. When I've said, each, I mean it - every product in the outlet, mind you!

We were also shown the discontinued items! Stupid sister and I totally appreciate their effort of going through everything in detail but not pestering us to get anything. We even get to try the discontinued items!

Let's take a peek at the discontinued items that I love and wish that they'll still continue to produce...

I love, love, love EH Fresh Cherry Tint. In fact, I didn't know this is a discontinued product! Lucky for me that I managed to get one from Metro Prima but when I went back there again, none was in sight already! Sob, sob, sob!

I'm totally in for multipurpose products!

Oh, yes, I am lazy but partly due to financial constraint and all, it's better to get multipurpose product like what you've seen in the picture above - Angel Kiss Lips and Cheeks - best for the glowy blushing effect and also a little bit of pinkish tint on your pale lips!

Well... I'll talk about this later too!

Another product that I love about EH but not in extinction is their mask!

Smelling good is an option but I just love how my skin absorbs every bit of the essence once I applied the mask!

So, basically, if you're an EH fan, you probably know most of the products already and perhaps, you'll be thinking that I am babbling but never mind, I shall babble all I like!

Let's start off with their skincare line.

For those of you who have large and scary pores, I bet the BAs will introduce two different lines of products for you!

First up will be the Baking Soda line, in which the packaging looks something like this!

I remember I was very much intrigued with this line of products because even the name is unique and best of all, it comes in powder form - just like baking powder!

The second line would be the Mini Size U line...

I can't help it but I did laugh at the cute name! LOLX! Fancy, Koreans can come up with a name like that! The BAs told us that those with oily skin can also use this product, so, good news, 2 in 1 function, ain't that great?

I did get the astringent but yet to set my hands on it since I still have my toner and lotion that are almost used up, hence... unless the existing products are used up, or else, I won't be officializing new products.

Okay, extra oily skin? No problem, EH has the solution for you!

Sounds cute too, right? Dr. Oil comes to rescue and you all will live happily ever after even though I know there is no happily ever after!

I'm not sure about the effectiveness of this product but hey, it's not that expensive - probably around RM35 to RM60 or so...

"Gosh, my skin is so dry and it peels off on its own!"

Worry not, people!

LOLX! This line of products are very moisturizing indeed because I did get a bottle of the Aqua Cure Cream because mainly, I love the smell and it works great, just like slapping water onto your face with the obvious difference that water is without smell but these products smell really good!

Another line that promises pink packaging and also from the name moist, thus, moistfull comes about!

Actually, I've forgotten to ask the BAs about this line of products but yes, I bought their sleeping mask to try out since it was on sale for only RM15.90 when the normal price is RM19.90, not so bad, right?

Having woes because you're fighting against acnes and pimples?

Packaging sure is idealistic but about effectiveness, again, I'm unsure since I don't have acne problems now. I'm that type of person who'll stick to ONE acne products and that's Dermedex.

Anal about whitening?

Try their Oxygen White line. I'll let you know if these products work since stupid sister was so keen about getting some of the items that in the end, she ended up buying like almost the whole package!

I hate to admit it but I adore products that smell heavenly - fruity, flowery, musk, all... so, I guess it's kinda unfair if EH doesn't have a line for those with sensitive skin.

The name's Pure Joy! Great name, purely joyous! Hence, go to EH outlets and try this out because the packaging looks so demure and pure!

For once, I should be worrying that age is working against me and I won't look any younger with passing time. Hence, now, it's the best time to use anti-ageing products!

I do know anti-ageing products don't come cheap but if the products really work, why not, right?

I'm forever skeptical about blackhead products because I honestly don't think any product will work since blackhead is underneath your skin, unless you use pore packs, then, the black or white heads are NOT gonna come out!

Their blackhead patches don't really work at the price of RM13.90 per piece. Please don't quote me because my skin differs from yours, hence, you can always head to EH to try out, of course with purchase!

So... lastly, for those battling the after sun effect, here's something for you!

Aloe Aqua Sherbet! Looks so nice in green packaging that I've bought one of the gel - applicable on your face and also body - multipurpose, hence, me lurve it!

Okay, now, Imma just gonna go through what's left for skincare since these are the lines that I'm unsure of.

Please don't bombard me with unnecessary questions because I'm only telling you what I can remember from what the BAs has said.

As of bodycare, EH has their own range too...

You can always ask the BAs at any outlet if you're interested because I don't normally apply bodycare products unless that particular product can make the cellulite on my body disappear or something like that.

Now, it's time for makeup products!

I adore the new Miss Tangerine collection! Erm... I only got to know that Sandara Park is the ambassador for this collection but before that, I was wondering who the heck Sandara Park is! Hahaha...

Basically, for this collection, the packaging comes in either peach, coral or orange. Pretty summerlicious, I guess.

I managed to try out their Soda Tint from MT collection and guess what, I love it but I didn't get it since I'm on budget beauty mode now. I don't want to spend above RM20 for one item, hence, obviously, this item, although is not so expensive, but it's out of my budget list for now.

The second item from MT collection that I totally go nuts about is the cream blusher!

I know you'll be thinking purple blusher looks so weird on your face but the knowledgeable BA paired it with a pink blusher to set the cream - end result was immaculate, I tell you!

Let's just go through the other items from this line.

I'm having beachy feeling now. Hahaha. I feel like going for a long walk at the beach now but then again, let's do that some other day!

Now, let's move into the permanent products from EH. I guess EH is pretty famous for their BB Creams.

I'm not sure but I'm not a big fan of BB Creams, hence I only got the BB Swirls with Collagen. LOLX! Hahaha... Just to try out since they were having 30% discount on the originally priced at RM69.90 product.

So, if you're into highlighting certain features on your face... the following product will be great because at only a fair price, gosh... the amount is HUGE!!!

I shall try that out one of these days when I'm done with my current highlighter from Benefit. I don't fancy High Beam, I don't know why.

A picture of some of the available mascaras at EH but I didn't try them out. I'm stuck to Maybelline's Pulse Perfection as of now! It's the best drugstore mascara ever, ever, ever!

They have lash serum too if you're interest, cheaper than those from L'Oreal!

Finally, the lips' products.

You don't need to trust me on this but I love this lip tint - so much that I think I'm addicted to it for now!

The colour is so vibrant and quite long lasting for its price and I actually went back and picked up additional 2 shades! Shall do a review about this lip tint real soon!

Other than this tint, they do have other products in store!

Now, you guys should whack me real hard! LOLX! I'm going to reveal a number of products with their prices so that you can have some idea on what is the range of price EH has.

Permanent Cosmetic Collection

55 Kissful Tint Chou - RM22.90
Angel Kiss Lips & Cheek - RM29.90
Fresh Cherry Tint - RM23.90
Fresh Cherry Tint Gloss - RM29.90
Precious Makeup Essence Mineral - RM69.90
Precious BB Cream Mineral - RM69.90
Precious BB Pact Mineral - RM59.90
Moistfull Collagen BB Pact - RM69.90
Golden Ratio Face Glam - RM49.90
LuciDarling Fantastic Rouge Lipstick - RM35.90
Moon Crystal Power Lip Gloss - RM29.90
Peach Water Lip Gloss - RM29.90

Miss Tangerine Collection

Lipstick - RM35.90
Eyeshadow Quad - RM45.90
Cream Choux Blusher - RM31.90
Soda Tint - RM26.90


Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine BB Lotion - RM35.90
Moistfull Sleeping Mask - RM19.90
Moistfull Peeling Wash - RM35.90
Blackhead Bond Patch - RM13.90
Yogurt Washoff Pack - RM13.90
Honey Washoff Pack - RM13.90
Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam - RM19.90
Magic Bubble Peeling - RM45.90
Mini Size U Astringent - RM39.90
Total Age Repair Eye Cream - RM110
Total Age Repair Night Cream - RM110
Aqua Sherbet Aloe Soothing Gel - RM29.90
Aqua Cure Cream - RM49.90


Sweet Applelade Body Lotion - RM29.90
Vitafoam Lotion - RM16.90
Hand Bouquet Rich Hand Cream - RM12.90

I guess those are the prices I can remember clearly. Hence, please don't quote me if I'm wrong because I have flaws too!

Anyway, I'll be blogging again soon!

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