Thursday, June 2, 2011

Essence My Skin Mattifying Cream

Perhaps, some of you are not familiar with the brand, Essence. I came across this brand in ULTA during one of my shopping sprees. If you don't know, Essence came from Europe and bla, bla, bla... you've gotta check it out!

I did notice most of the prices range from USD$1.99 to USD$5.99 or so. The items are super affordable, okay? At that point of them, I didn't get anything since I was more interested in other stuffs.

Hence, during the most recent IBE 2011, I noticed Essence has finally made it into Malaysia's market - in which, for your budget beauties out there, this is a great news! Make your way to CociCoci at Bukit Bintang to check out products from Essence, alright? I promise you won't be dissapointed!

I managed to pick up several items from Essence the other day and one of the best products that I've picked up is this!

I agree, that was an impulse buy because I was eyeing another moisturizer at that time but since it retailed for only RM9.90 during IBE, I thought to myself, "Hey, it doesn't kill to try, right?"

See... I kid you not - it was printed on the label - RM9.90 only! Nice price, nice packaging and best of all, nice berries' smell - me lurve, lurve, lurve!

The packaging is pretty neat for a mere RM9.90. I mean, where else can you dig out something like this, right?

So... another reason why I bought it was because read the label, it said MATTIFYING cream! I wanted to get MAC's Mattifying Spray or something like that but since it's way out of my budget, I won't get it. I'd rather spend RM10 instead of RM100 on a product - cheapskate, I know but it doesn't really matter.

Read on for information about the product. I'm just too lazy to type everything since I've already taken a picture.

I was skeptical in the first place before using this product because like always, my face is super oily, especially on the T-Zone and so far, NONE of the products work on me because normally, after around 4 to 5 hours, even after proper cleansing and all, darn... here comes the bride oil!

Trust me, this product is amazing because, I kept on checking out my face and realize there was minimal oiliness and it was so surprising since by the time I got home from a long day at work, it would usually be after 10 hours or so!

So, this product does live to its claim - 12 hours of mattifying effect! Me likey!

There is this seal that you need to lift in order to use the product - I adore the packaging - very hygienic!

On the whole, when you open the packaging and dig out the product, what you can expect is something gel-like. It is printed on the box 'cream' but honestly, I was so scared of cream products since my oily skin cannot take it but when I finally officialize the product, I was so, so glad it doesn't come in cream form.

The cream applies pretty easily but mind you, a little goes a long way since it's quite thick. Hence, it'd probably last me for quite a while. Best of all, it can be used as makeup primer! Multipurpose, again!

Before I end this entry, lemme present to you, my naked scary face!

Sorry if I've made you puke! Hahaha... That was me, waking up at 7am, washed my face and put on concealer, unblended. It scared the wits outta me when I realized I look so pale lately. Why, oh, why?

Price - RM9.90
Product - 4 out of 5
Packaging - 5 out of 5
Availability -CociCoci or ULTA
Re-purchase - YES, YES, YES!!!

Essence, please restore my glow!

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