Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sephora Malaysia

I don't know about you but when I first heard Sephora is coming to Malaysia, I went, "Yay!" although stupid sister went, "Nay! You're obviously gonna overspend again when Sephora is officially open to the public!"

So, I marked 28th April 2011 in my personal calendar and even though I missed the grand opening, I managed to go there on the 29th. I thought of avoiding crowds of Sephora fans and it appeared that on 29th, when I was there, there were crowds everywhere in Sephora.

The thing is... before I went to Sephora, I thought the price should have been marked up like crazy since in Malaysia, everything is marked up. You don't have to agree with me but if you've been overseas, you'll know what I've said is true.

Take for example at Forever 21, the price of each piece of clothing can differ around RM10 to RM30. I saw a hoodie being sold for only 890 Baht, that is approximately RM89, whereas I saw the exactly same hoodie at RM119. So, you tell me, is the price being marked up? Talking about Forever 21, hey... I bought another top. Hahahaha... I went into F21 and grabbed the 2 pieces of top below into the fitting room but at the end of the shopping trip, I only bought one because I thought leopard print tops look horrendous on me!

A total waste of moo-lah. Hahahaha... but, I have a love affair with Forever 21, remember? I'm very much in love with their clothing, so don't hate me!

Alright, sorry to have diverted your attention.

Anyway, the first counter that I noticed upon entering Sephora at Starhill Gallery - Urban Decay! Yes, Urban Decay is finally in Malaysia and I won't need to wait months and months to get their products!

I wasn't expecting much of the prices of these makeup products in Sephora Malaysia to be cheap but I went there anyway - curiosity kills the cat but I am not dead, don't worry. In fact, I found myself surviving my wallet through the entire visit there. LOLX!

I spent on nothing because I'm trying to be a smart shopper nowadays. If I like a product, I won't buy it straight away. I'll leave it and if I crave and crave for it for the next few days, I'll go back and get it but if I don't crave for it, I normally will leave it.

When I saw the prices of Urban Decay products, I almost screamed! No, it wasn't because the prices are marked up! No, no, no! The reason was that the prices are so much cheaper than I expected them to be!

Remember the entry when I blogged about UD Naked?

I got it for RM200 exclusive of poslaju. The thing is... I thought RM200 is kinda hefty for a palette but since UD wasn't available in Malaysia yet that time, I thought it'd worth it but when I come to think of that now, RM210 plus poslaju for a single palette is not worth it at all even though I do understand international shipping isn't cheap.

Sighs... I wasted RM35 for this palette because you know what? It retails at Sephora Malaysia for only RM175!

Even for UDPP, I saw the prices online range from around RM65 to RM100 - not UDPP in tube since it's not available in Sephora Malaysia. I expected it to be around RM80 to RM90 but it's much cheaper!

Hey, that isn't so bad, right?

Okay, enough about UD, let's see what else Sephora Malaysia brought in aside from the infamous UD...

Basically, you can find quite a lot of new stuffs ranging from Ardell Lashes, Bare Minerals, Too Faced, Clarisonic, Peter Thomas Roth, Soap & Glory and also Makeup by Sephora. There are also bath and shower as well as skincare products by Sephora in store. Other brands like SKII, Biotherm, Lancome, Smashbox, Makeup Forever, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla are also available but well, these brands are nothing new to us.

Only then, I realized NARS, Tokidoki, Temptu, Philosophy, Tarte, Illamasqua, Kat Von D, YSL and a lot of other brands are not available in our Sephora. I'm actually burning to get Tarte and Kat Von D products but well... the good thing is, I can forget about them for a while until they're available while the bad thing is, I don't think they'll be available at the nearest time.

Anyway, if you're wondering about the prices of the makeup and skincare products there, I managed to remember some of them roughly but mostly UD products since they're my pure love!

UD Naked Palette - RM75 <-- Sorry, I've made a mistake, it's RM175
UD Ammo Palette - RM145
UD Sustainable Shadow Box - RM145
UD Deluxe Shadow Box - RM145
UDPP - RM65 to RM75
UD 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil - RM75
UD Eyeshadow - RM69
UD Deluxe Eyeshadow - RM70 to RM80

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - RM65 to RM75
Too Faced Naked Eye Palettes - RM150 to RM180

Sephora Foundation - RM55
Sephora Highlighter / Bronzer - RM50 to RM55

I can't really remember Too Faced products prices because I took a look at the Naked Eye palette and thought, "Bah, too expensive and so little choices!" I went from one item to another at Too Faced's counter and found myself not awed by any, I don't know why. Well, it could be the price, I guess... I mean, comparing to UD and personal preference, I still think UD is more worth it.

Well, I'll update the price list if I'm passing by Sephora again in future. As of now... gonna get some nap before work time later!

Have a wonderful Thursday and as for tomorrow, it's TGIF!

Pictures credit to Emmagem.


Natalie said...

Omg im sooo definitely getting the UD Naked Palette! 8D~ im completely saving up for it :) i was so excited when i heard about it finally coming to Malaysia :D thanks for the heads up! ;)
Btw, for the palette you typed the prices differently :) first it was rm175 then it was stated to be rm75, i was wishing for it to really be rm75 but knowing that it is after all, SEPHORA, i kinda figured that it was gonna be a tad bit pricey -.-

Angel Valerie said...

LOLX... So sorry, dear, I made a mistake and just realized it after going through my older entry.

It's RM175 no mistake. I got mine for RM200 from an online boutique just half a year earlier. If I knew it'd be RM25 cheaper, I'd also wait. But then again, this palette is definitely worth every penny! Recommended!