Friday, May 6, 2011

Plummy RED Lips

I have often wondered in the past, "Do red lips look good on me?"

I never even bothered to try out red lips in the past because I'm more towards a nude or pink colours person and I adore the little touch of shimmer on my lips. Red is never in my dictionary for lipstick.

Furthermore, the idea of having bright red lips makes me cringe because I don't want to look like a clown since I hate clowns. I have clown-phobia because I grew up being scared by the movies of clown killers!

Even so, I still awe at girls who can pull off RED lips very well because red lips for me, means sexy, classic and elegant! Imagine pairing your classic smokey eyes with red lips and then, to have a little black dress to go with it. I'm sure you'll be making a statement among the crowds.

Thus, when I've gotten my RED lipstick just recently, I was so ecstatic to try it out! I slapped it on my lips and initially, it stained my teeth and I'm sure none of us want that especially during dates, right? So, if you're wearing red lipstick or lipgloss, please be extra careful not to stain your teeth. You might just scare your date off!

From what I know, you've gotta line your lips with red lip liner, apply your red lipstick and then, finishing it off with your red lipgloss for that shiny Jessica Rabbit inspired lips! Since I'm too lazy to go through all the steps... Here's a picture for you to savour!

Of course, it's me, yours truly with plummy red lipgloss called Perfect Plum from Suncoat, Canada. Guess I really do like this lipgloss after all. The pigmentation for this particular shade is crazy!

Sorry about my pale face without foundation or concealer. I know, I know, my dark circles are horrendous!

TGIF and have a great weekend!

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