Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Addicted to red lips!

Remember when I blogged about red lips? Well, I was terrified of red lips initially. I remember, as a child, when mum put on her red lipstick, I always thought it looked horrible but today, when I am a fully grown-up and learning the do's and don'ts of makeup, I finally come to the term that, "Red lips are hot, never go out of style, classy and sexy!"

Well, if red lips are not your cuppa tea, erm... perhaps you can learn to like them before loving them. I mean, red lips are so versatile - you can almost wear them anywhere, be it to your workplace, classy high-class dinner or just a simple night out with your dates or even best girl friends!

Aih, but then, it's so hard to find the right shade of red for myself because I don't fancy matte red lipstick as much as I love matte lipsticks. Hmm... shimmery red doesn't work for me too, I guess, hence, for the time being, I will stick to silky red.

Erm... maybe I can venture into trying out different shades of reds. Oh, oh... I'm willing to try out any lavender, orange or peach coloured lipsticks as well - there's nothing wrong with trying even though you may end up looking like a ghost from Chinese Orchestra. So, these are the lipsticks that I am eyeing right now. Please, please, someone, lemme have those!

All Lioele's lipsticks? Well... kinda. Hahaha... I'm into Korean cosmetics, especially the lips' products. Don't ask me, I don't know why. I know Lioele has just made it's grand launching throughout Malaysia a few weeks ago but I have yet to check it out due to my f*cked up working and studying schedule.

Hence, if you happen to be at Parkson Sibu, Gurney Plaza, The Mall or Sg. Wang, you can always drop by to check out their complete range of products!

Anyway, if you're gonna wear red lips, the tips are, NO, NO, NO multi-coloured eyeshadows! In fact, you keep your eyeshadows to minimal since so much attention will be given to your bright red lips! You may consider doing brown or grey smokey eyes for a sexy evening look! If you're hesitant to wear eyeshadows with red lips, you can keep everything natural - concealer, setting powder, eyeliner and poooffff, you're good to go!

OMG... can't believe I am addicted to red lips right now that I think I'm gonna wear red lips more often! LOLX! Okay, I am crazy, mind you! Hahaha. Anyway, lemme share you with the lips of the day - RED, RED, RED! Ong, ong, ong! Huat, huat, huat!

My little cousin said I look like a pontianak or better known as the ghost of a woman died during child birth, in the picture above. WTF?! Hahahaha... Him and his sense of fashion totally sucks, red is totally the new black for this season!

OMG... time is ticking and I'm still here?! Gotta rush, people! Have a lovely Tuesday and I'll update again soon! Meanwhile, check out Lioele's counters in Parkson throughout Malaysia, alright?

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