Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love Tony!

Okay, I know it's way past my bed time but then again, I am getting a little excited over here and I wanna share something before I bunk in!

As much as I'm not really in Korean or Japanese beauty or skincare products, I have to admit that these Asian products are so, so presentable in a way that they'll really burden your pocket since the packaging of these products is so cute!

No, I kid you not. Imagine Etude House, where BCs are all dressed in cute apron-look-alike attires and imagine Tsubasa's cosmetic line - are they cute or am I crazy? Okay, I know, the answer is obviously I am crazy because I am blogging at 3 in the morning instead of dreaming about my prince charming!

But, hey, who cares about prince charming or anything - I am not interested because I've just found Tony Moly not long ago and I'm in love with whosoever the founder of this product is!

First thing first - the ice-queen packs! Gosh!

Don't they look some kinda ice-cream inspired? OMG... they're just so cute that I've gotta have those! Maybe one, maybe two or maybe all of the collection! I've read reviews about these packs and indeed, the reviews are good!

Next up is the tear drop collection!

I guess it's pretty obvious I'm eyeing the anti-wrinkle and whitening cream. LOLX! Blame it on ageing that I'm getting more and more anal about anti-wrinkle products! Yes, ageing is definitely not a fun process and to avoid it, you've gotta slap on tons and tons of products or else you're gonna end up being a spinster like me.

Whenever I see friends with super duper nice complexion, especially a friend of mine, SK, I would be awed by his near perfect complexion. You know, he's a guy and he's fair WITHOUT a slight sign of pimples, acne, pigmentations or even pores. More over, I couldn't help but notice he has this nice glow and also natural blushing pink cheeks. This world is damn unfair, not that I wanna comment but SK's complexion is really something any girl would be jealous about!

Since my pores are like so HUGE and if only my brain is as huge as my pores, I'll be super smart hence, I'm very aware that I need certain products to diminish the obvious pores because they're just so fugly. Nonetheless, every time I purchase pore diminishing products, I always end up being disappointed because none of them actually works!

Hence, I tell myself, "One of these days, Imma gonna try out the world's best pore diminishing product!"

I came across Tony Moly's Egg Pore Series not long ago and honestly, I really wanna try them out!

The first reason is as easy as A-B-C. The packaging is just to-die-for. Regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of these pore products, I am not quite sure since I have yet to set my hands on these babies. Well, I'm still trying to lash out every single beauty and skincare products in my possession before buying new ones.

Thus, enough say!

Which one of you is the biggest Starbucks fan? For once, I know I am one of Starbucks' fans because yes, I worked for Starbucks back then and totally enjoyed the working experience there!

If you're into Starbucks and coffee as much as I am, Tony Moly has a line called Latte Art and darn... the packaging is so, so, so cute that I can die-and-go-straight-heaven after first glance!

I've read reviews about these two products too and guess what again? Reviews are great and packaging is greater! LOLX!

So, Imma gonna get those soon!

How many of us actually use mist spray like MAC Fix+ to set our makeup? I don't know about you but I do use mist spray to set mine because I found out not long ago that mist spray actually helps to make the makeup lasts longer on my oily skin besides making my skin looks hydrated and more awake.

Introducing TM Pocket Bunny Mist! LOLX! I'm not sure if you could use these mists on your face but I guess you could because, it's mist after all but correct me if I'm wrong because I'm stuck to one mist as of now from Nature Republic.

Erm... football fan? I may not be one aih... that brings back memories of somebody but when it comes to this product... I'll make an exception!

Our legs need as much love and care as other parts of our bodies. I just noticed that my legs look so dehydrated lately. I don't know the reason because most of the time, I overlook it, that explains why the skin is peeling off on its own. Perhaps, I'll consider getting this product.

Fruit Garden Series?! Am I seeing double or triple? LOLX! Hahahaha... Aside from Sasa or Baviphat, TM has a line too!

I'm not sure about this garden series but I'm yet to finish my Sasa's Garden Series. Maybe I'll consider getting one once I'm done with the existing products.

Remember I've mentioned about lips and cheeks tints and how anal I am about blushers and stuffs? I have a good intention of collection all different brands of tints in the whole world! LOLX! Crazy but true!

TM's tints look so adorable!

Cute, right, cute, right? Aduh... I've gotta set my hands on all these tints but I believe they're not all available in Malaysia yet for the time being. Let's see if I can get them when I'm traveling to Korea soon!

Cross my fingers!

Anyway, that will be all for the time being. Hey, check out my new wishlist before you go!

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