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Gah... I still can't get over my first love!


Therefore... I'm gonna divert my attention off him for a while and talk about more beauty-related products. FML, yes, true enough!

Gawd... it has been so long, or at least I feel like a gazillion years since I raved about beauty products so much. Hahaha... Minus my Stage Cosmetics' haul, of course!

When I was busy doing my thesis online-ing few weeks back, I was very much amused by products from Sleek Makeup.

As dull as I am when it comes to choosing eyeshadows, I am always attracted to vibrant colours but ended up not purchasing any because I don't really like the idea of being the limelight. Yes, I am a boring neutral-colours lover but what's the big deal? You can never go wrong with having too many greys, whites and browns.

If you don't know, Sleek Makeup originates from UK and that means for make-up geeks around the world, you might need to resort to expensive international shipping if you wanna get anything from Sleek Makeup.

But... yes, there is always a but - you can always find another route to satisfy your desire and that route is..., which is China's biggest online market! You see... Sleek is a brand from UK but from what I've googled, the products are made in China, hence, it's not surprising when these beauties can be purchased in China, then again... watch out for fake products!

The thing that has gotten my attention is the packaging of eyeshadow palettes from Sleek.

Now, I know the reason behind whe Sleek Makeup is known as Sleek Makeup. The packaging is so sleek and sexy and of course... I love it! They have permanent and limited edition lines! If you're in UK, lucky you and if you're not, let's just say, feast your eyes, shall we?

First up and the palette that has always been compared to UD BOS III is the Original from Sleek Makeup.

I'm not sure the reason why this palette is being compared to UD BOS III but when I saw the swatches, they are indeed very close. So, if you don't feel like paying RM200 to RM250 for UD BOS III, perhaps you can consider getting this palette.

Here are the swatches!

Gorgeous, ain't it? I know it's gorgeous but yeah, it's in my MUST-HAVE list as of now and I can't wait for this thing to get to me! Oh, my UD BOS III palette? Well, I sold it off to my stupid sister because she's been pestering me to do so after the palette get to me and she loves it so much!

I know, RM200 for RM20... Hahaha... super worth it. That means I can save RM180! So, I'm definitely gonna get this palette!

If you're someone who loves vibrant and pastel colours, you should opt for Acid.

The colours look so nice from the palette that I was so drawn into ordering it but after I've made up my mind, I decided to ditch the idea of getting it because...

Like for how many times out of forever that I'll be using these colours? You tell me. Remember, I'm a BORING-est person on Earth that ever exist!

If you're doing make-up shows, then, this palette will do you good! For sure I know my stupid sister is going to love this palette but then again, I'm not going to buy any for her! Hahahaha... Yes, I'm not a very good sister, I know, I know.

Have you ever witness sunset, especially at the beach or maybe up from the mountain? Ah... I can almost imagine how romantic it'll be althought I've never witness any sunset or sunrise before. I'm the BORING-est person, remember?

But Sleek's Sunset isn't a boring palette!

If you've never witness the sun setting, just like me, perhaps, you can consider getting this palette and create an illusion of the sun setting on your eyelids!

LOLX! This is not impossible, it's possible! There are so many youtube gurus out there doing the sunset-inspired looks and each of them turned out to be so nice!

Ah... I love teals!

Oopsies... it just goes that way... I love teals but I never wear teals on my eyes! The blue and teal in Chaos surely have my attention hooked!

With a mixture of earthly tones, for sure, this palette has to be in my list too. Please don't hate me for saying this but... I gotta have this one... but... it's not practical to buy so many palettes since I'm doing freelance make-up for the bride's entourages.

I adore this palette, yes, you hear it? I adore it but I think I'll pass this as for now, until I'm done with all the existing palettes. It'll probably take years for me to get over all the palettes, so, pray for me so that I can used them up as soon as possible!

But if somebody wanna give this palette to me, why not, right? I love freebies!

I guess I haven't mention Storm yet.

Storm is ideal of neutral-coloured eyes. So, this basically means, this palette is ideal for people like me but... without any pop of colours? Are you sure?

Nah... I still need a little pop of purples or blues!

Now, it's time for two limited edition palettes!

This is Safari! I don't know why but I keep on relating this palette to zebra... Err... I guess it should be due to it's name is safari and I always think of zebra!

Next one is Graphite.

This palette is essential for smokey-eyes' lovers! Oh... how I wish I could look good with smokey eyes but nah... smokey eyes aren't for me because stupid sister always comments, "Why are your eyes looked like being punched by somebody?"

End of story.

Sleek Makeup also has other products such as highlighter, foundation or setting powder, I guess... You should google it up if you're interested!

Another two products that make me really goes wild are their lip colours and also blushers!

The reviews I've heard about these two are good... so, I'm lemming towards them as of now but let's see if I can finish up my existing blushers and lip colours in time. Then, I'll get a new one, no mistake!

That's it for now, folks!

P.S. pictures courtesy of Sleek Makeup and also via google pictures.

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