Monday, December 6, 2010

I didn't STAGE this out!

No, I did not! I didn't or have yet to buy any cosmetics this week - the bad thing is, it's only Monday and I still have 6 more days until this week ends. I'm gonna refrain myself from all those cosmetics hunts.

Hey... I really DID NOT splurge!

I got these items from Stage Cosmetics courtesy of my BFF who just came home and yes, I love her so much, okay? She knows what I love! I'm lemming towards MAC now. Hahaha...

Oh, by the way, Stage is having 50% discount store wide, excluding brushes and brush cleanser. The sales is going to prolong until January 2011. Please don't quote me, I got this news from a friend too. Well, stock up, ladies!

Like I said, I'm always on hunt for good concealers since there's no Eve Pearl around me. LOLX! Yes, I want Eve Pearl's salmon concealers so much but no money to get it, enough said.

Hence, I've decided to settle for Stage's Photo Pro Crème Camouflage in #06 Ginger - well, it's basically the most orangey colour among all the other colours.

~ Photo Pro Crème Camouflage in #06 Ginger @ RM60 ~

It doesn't look at all that orangey, right? I think so too but I have yet to try it out since I have tons of other concealers to finish off. Let's see if I can refrain myself from using it or not.

We shall see, we shall see!

But I'm considering to go over to MAC's to get their concealers... or maybe Bobbi Brown's Peach Corrector. Let's see how it goes, shall we?

BFF and I were at Stage Cosmetics' outlet the other day and both of us fell in love with their cheek colours or better known as blushers. Since the promotion the other day was buy one free one, both of us didn't get it because I have a whole closet FULL of blushers and I am nuts about blushers, okay. So, this time around, thanks for 50% discount, I've gotten this baby!

~ Cheek Colour in Cherry Blossoms @ RM58 ~

Last but not least - the brush cleanser! I've been wanting to get this from MAC but since it's so expensive and not really worth the money paying for, I've decided to try this out from Stage Cosmetics.

~ Keep It Clean Brush Cleanser @ RM25 ~

RM25 for 190ml, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have amnesia these days or better known as short or probably long term memory loss.

I am officially broke this month... err... this week probably. Hahaha... Hence, I am on cosmetic-ban mode. Please remind me not to spend on cosmetic products this week!

Day #1 Cosmetic-Ban - I have yet to spend any cent on any cosmetic yet.

By the way, I'm waiting for my Cherry Culture, Drugstore and also ELF's spree to get here by the end of this month - yippee!!!

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