Monday, November 29, 2010

Be gone, dark circles!

If you're to ask me, what is the lousiest feature I hate about myself besides being fat, the answer would definitely be my ugly panda eyes - yes, you're right... dark circles to be exact. Oooh, geram-ness... I hate my dark circles.

If you're spectacles wearer like me, you should be aware that people like us tend to have more obvious dark circles on the areas where our glasses are placed due to oxidation when being exposed to the sun. Hence, the dark circles tend to be darker than those who are not wearing glasses.

Sometimes, even with tons and tons of concealers, be it, skin-coloured or salmon-coloured, together with foundation or BB creams, those are just insufficient to cover up my dark circles. Even if the effect does last for a while but few hours later, the concealed areas will oxidize too and thus, leaving me with the panda-eye-like effect which is uglier than before applying concealers.

Now, I know a lot of you, non cosmetics lovers will think, "Just go and tuck in earlier instead of staying up until wee hour of dawn. Then, it'll get rid of your dark circles."

Believe me, I've been sleeping like at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. for the past 1.5 months and darlings, my dark circles just won't go away. In fact, stupid sister pointed out to me the other day, "Why do your dark circles seem worse these days?"

Thus, I'm on a hunt for the appropriate skincare and also concealer that can effectively get rid of my dark circles forever. Muahahahaha...

If you are not aware of the colour wheel theory, you can always google it up. It basically is something that teaches you how to neutralize or cancel out the uneven skin tones by using concealers of different colours.

If you still find it hard to understand, well, an example I can give you is when you want to neutralize the redness on your face resulting from acnes or whatsoever, you can choose a green-coloured concealer.

Simply, anything of the opposite colour, according to the colour wheel theory.

End of story.

I was quite hesitant a while back to get concealers of different colours because I'm someone who prefers everything in neutral or close-to-skin-colour tones. Don't hate me.

By the way, I did a neutral look with M.A.C's Midnight Madness.

Hahaha... too neutral but nonetheless, it doesn't matter because I am a neutral-colours lover. Sorry for my ugly hair, I just got out of shower.

You might be thinking my dark circles aren't so bad but then, look at the picture below!

Eeewww... I know, right? Yucks... I hate my dark circles! Be gone dark circles, be gone! I can't see to get rid of the dark circles. Can't see the differences, there you go!

I applied orange coloured powder on my dark circles and right away, I could see the differences! Orange concealers should work amazing too! Anything orange will do - orange lipstick, orange powder or orange foundation - if you wanna look jaundiced. Hahahaha.

Just applied a little bit of it and poooofff... the effect is immediate! It brightens up the whole look amazingly, don't it? LOLX!

There are Eve Pearl salmon concealers that do wonders but those concealers are out of my budget. I'm so, so interested in their HD Foundation too but again, out of my budget... Sigh...

Anyway, I had a wonderful homemade Korean lunch yesterday!

~ Kimchi, seaweed salad and kimbaps ~

Well, it does look healthy, right, right, right? Hahahaha...

Anyway, I'll be going now. See ya!

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