Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stage Cosmetics Haul

Craps! I've been neglecting my blog again! Hahaha... For a week or so, I guess - just got back from my trip to Kuching.

Anyway, Imma gonna share with you what I've gotten from my trip.

If you haven't heard of Stage Cosmetics, then, it's high time you go and do a little research on it now. It's truly a surprise that Stage Cosmetics offers affordable prices for their products and from time to time, they'll be having 20% discount store-wide as well as buy one free one offers!

I love sales so, so much and till death do us part. Hahaha... I exaggerate a bit. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter too. Hahaha...

Let's see what I've gotten from Stage Cosmetics.

~ Photo Finish Dusting Powder ~

Basically, this dusting powder is just like the normal loose powder with the same usage - to lock on our foundation so that it'll stay longer on the face.

Next up is the most wanted and lasting eyeliner pencil!

~ Eyeliner Pencil ~

I've gotten 2 of them in Backstage Black and West End White! I tell you, the staying power of these eyeliners on the waterline is AMAZING! Simply amazing! I went to Stage's counter and tried it out of curiousity because initially I was aiming for Smashbox's eyeliner pencil. The eyeliner lasted on my waterline for the whole freaking day even with my rouge rubs on the eyes!

This is a MUST GET item from Stage Cosmetics!

Then, lip items...

~ Wonderlust Lipstick ~

Tried this out at the counter and decided to love it too because it's moisturizing. I don't fancy overly moisturizing or chappy lipstick and the texture of this lipstick is just nice!

Oh yeah, you saw the lipglosses too, right? Those are presents for a friend!

Last but not least...

~ Picture Perfect Foundation ~

I wouldn't say I love this foundation yet because I have yet to try it out for the whole day but then again, they have 2 different foundations available. One is for medium coverage while the other one is for oily skin and full coverage. This is the medium-coverage foundation.

Heck... if I know I'll get this foundation, I wouldn't spend on getting The Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus earlier already T__T

But I don't regret getting this BB Cream too because I love the watery texture and yeah... less obvious wrinkles on my face! I know, I am getting older, so don't remind me of the wrinkles!

Another thing I love about this BB Cream is that it comes with lip and cheek stain. Darn... I love this thing! The pinkish stain looks so freaking nice and it compliments my cheeks and lips so well that I need not bring along my blushers and lipsticks when I have this with me!

Despite of it's price - argh... I still love this!

Then, my parcel from Aini finally came! Happy, happy... finally, I've gotten my long-awaited Physicians Formula's Shimmer Strips Gel Cream Liner!

I was super excited when I saw the swatches on few beauty-related blogs and decided, "I need that in my life!"

Hahahaha... super exaggerating but yeah, somebody sent these to me! Yay!

Look how adorable they are! I mean, like how many times in your life are you able to come across super pigmented gel liners? If you don't believe me, go and google it up! You can shoot me if you've found out I'm lying.

I mean, like seriously, 3 different pigmented shades of eyeliners for USD$11? That is basically around RM35and around RM11.70 per colour. Even drugstore brands like Maybelline or L'Oreal do not offer 3 different colours of eyeliners for RM435!

Well... I don't want to swatch these babies just yet since I have some remaining gel liners to finish up. Hence, there'd be no swatches at the mean time.

The only downside of this is that... I expected it to come in bigger jars. I didn't expect how mini these babies were.

There you go, the comparison of the size of the gel liners to my camera - quite dissapointing, right? Nevertheless, these will probably last me for quite some time!

Anyway, that's the end of my cosmetic haul - lemme present to you, my cute, cute niece in my red dress!

How can you not love her?

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