Monday, September 27, 2010

The things with DOCTORS...

Note: This entry is totally irrelevant and if you don't feel like reading it or anything, you may skip to the previous entry or whatsoever.

When I was 7, I remember, my class teacher asked me, "What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your ambition?"

Back then, I was going in and out frequently from my uncle's clinic and I do remember up until today, how striking he looks whenever he is working, though my beloved uncle is 73 years old now and actively still working.

My answer to my class teacher was, "I want to be a doctor, just like my uncle!"

When I turned 16, after the did not-so-well in my Biology, finally, I came to a conclusion that doctor isn't something I can do because Biology certainly isn't my field of experty. Hence, after a while, I made up my mind that I wasn't cut out to be a doctor.

It has been long since I have thought of being a doctor now but for some reasons, I don't know why but my life revolves around doctors and nurses.

I was talking to this doctor friend a month back and I was super mad at his rude remarks of my physical appearance and stuffs.

After a while, I got to know some other other friends and finally... I've came up with a conclusion.

You may disagree with me if you are a doctor but this is based on what I've found out from my encounters and experiences with doctors.

  1. Doctors' words are harsh.

    Believe it or not, when I was 15 or so, I was so sick that one side of my ear was like completely deaf. So, I met a doctor at the government hospital who so happened to be one of my mum's colleague and he told me, "Girl, if you don't lose weight, you'll die young!" I completely hated going to the doctors' after that.

    Another incident was when I talked to this doctor friend where I did not mention anything to him at all and he ended up pushing me off my limits and also degraded me plus killing my self-confidence. That shouldn't be the way to talk to your friends! That is called RUDE!

  2. Doctors always play hard-to-get.

    I don't intend to bitch about doctors because I totally adore them, especially when it comes to long hours of working and saving lives after lives.

    In several occasions, I totally got annoyed by some doctor friends which put me off because of their playing hard-to-get attitude - JUAL MAHAL max, applicable especially to guy doctors, I'm sorry.

    Not long ago, I got to know to know Dr. K and I wasn't at all that interested in him since I thought he isn't my type but after a while, I thought he isn't so bad, hence, I've decided to get to know him - it's always better to have an extra friend rather than enemy, right?

    I did my part, I greeted him and stuffs but the thing was, he was being all COLD and IGNORANT and on top of all, PLAYING HARD-TO-GET! I mean, when another person is trying to be friend with you, don't shun him or her off with your coldness even though you'd like a sexy, sultry, tall, beautiful, dark and handsome friend!

  3. Doctors are good at making you mad.

    I was telling you about Dr. L and Dr. K, I was damn mad that it could blardy kill me! Yes, in several incidences some more! I don't know if I'm allergic to them but then again, yeah, I hate people like that!

    If any of you wants to make your BP higher, date a doctor!

  4. Doctors love to judge others.

    Just because they think they are perfect, they shouldn't even judge others with the same expectation like how people judge them! Not everyone is as near perfect as them. If everyone gets to become a doctor in this world, I guess, by then, nobody wants to marry a doctor already.

  5. Doctors are heartless.

    Yes, that is the truth from my own experience. Doctors are trained to break out bad news in all possible polite manners. Sometimes, you wouldn't even see the expression on their faces when they tell you something.

    If they tend to hurt you with their words, they won't feel it because to them, those are the daily things that they should do.

There, my top 5 reasons of why I have a love-hate relationship with doctors. No, I don't hate them, so, if you're a doctor and feels like I'm talking about you, then, that's just too bad but if you know you are not that kinda doctor that I'm referring to, why bother?

Maybe it's high time for me to change my lifetime goal of marrying a doctor.


clement said...

i love talking to doctors.... dr ting is the best looking doctor in kch general..

Angel Valerie said...

u're pretty much nuts about her. hahaha... i told amy bout it too, mr. engineer.

clement said...

ha ha ha, she's a good fren, but i wish to see Cinderella moar

Angel Valerie said...

lolx... yeah la... u've got so many hearts, so, which is the real heart?

clement said...

miss mahony

Angel Valerie said...

u're crazy, clement, totally crazy.