Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I guess my blog is slowly turning into a beauty blog from a personal blog. Ah, guess it isn't a bad thing since I love playing around with colours. For the past few days, I have been doing a lot of thinking, of course not touching on beauty and cosmetics this time.

This entry might sound a little personal this time around.

I was a little agitated with a friend few days ago after talking to him - childhood friend, okay? Further more, he's a doctor now.

So, he was asking me if I were still single or what because I seemed like I am married.


I am NOT even close to getting married, especially when there are still things I have yet to do and worst of all, how do you expect a single person for two years to get married?

You see, the reason he was asking me if I were single or not was only to agitate me because at the end of the day, he touched on sensitive issue, "Pan leng leng for what? If you're still fat, nobody will want you. Guys are all hamsap, all that they're looking for is girls with bodies to die for. If you have a sui face, no sui body, no guys will like you."


I know I'm fat and he doesn't need to remind me of that from time to time. Even if I want to pan leng leng, it doesn't have any concern with him as well because I don't dress up for him, I dress up for myself!

He can still go on and said, "If you're thinking to get a doctor boyfriend, make sure you're slim because we doctors think alike and we like slim girls. When you're slim, automatically, you're sexy."


Is being slim related to sexy at the same time?

To trust a doctor telling you all that, further more, a childhood doctor friend. Double FHL! He has always been skinny, hence he can tell you all those being slim is equal to being sexy but does he know how much hardships I have gone through to lose weight over the years?

Losing weight isn't a thing you can achieve over night. Even Rome wasn't built in a day!

The angriest part was when he told me, "Then, go to any slimming centers and they can offer you solutions to lose weight."

FHL x 3 !!!

Does he think my parents own the Swiss Bank? You have to pay slimming centers to lose weight and they have no guarantee you'll be losing weight too. Then again, I don't even think I need to turn to slimming centers to lose weight.

Has he got nothing better to do rather than to agitate me?

He didn't stop there, he told me, "Since you're single, just continue to be a single, don't need to find a boyfriend. Being single is better than attached."

LOLX! Did I tell him I'm desperately searching for a boyfriend? NO!!! I'm not desperate to the state that I'd date simple any guy out there!

Out of anger, I told him, "If you yearn to be a single so much, just break the fuck up with your girlfriend and then, you're single again."

His answer was, "I can't because I can't live without girls. I need a girlfriend."

If that is so, then, he shouldn't even mention being single is good. It is clear who is the desperate one. As much as I wish I could find a doctor boyfriend, still, I'm not desperate. There are differences in being desperate and wishing.

Does he need to kill my existing self-confidence by telling me all those things?

He totally fucked up my days and made me blue!

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