Monday, September 20, 2010

Nude on Nude Natural

OMG... There are so many things available in the market right now and most of them are NUDE in colour, can you imagine that?

Erm, please don't imagine me or yourself - nude, that is a total different case.

I was out with HS yesterday at Starbucks and they're introducing a new beverage, Crème Brûlée Frappucino - you can order it as hot beverage or if frappucino is just too much for you but at the same time, you want something cold, you can always opt for Iced Crème Brûlée.

See... My favourite nude and white colours again - did I tell you not? Hahahaha... But obviously, the drinks at Starbucks come in nude or natural colours exception if you're going for green tea or fruit juices.

By the way, if you don't know what Crème Brûlée is, shame on you!

Okay, I was joking - you SHOULD know what Crème Brûlée is because it is one of the most heavenly dessert ever!

I just love the caramelized sugar on top of the custard. Sinful and yet heavenly!

Nice colour combination!

Remember my entry on my most recent NYX haul? I've gotten myself a Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit and yet to have time to play with it although I have used it during Sherry's wedding?

That is basically how it looks like should you have forgotten. LOLX! I'm quite lame sometimes, you know.

Then, I've found a tutorial by Elle of allthatglitters21 using this palette and hence, I've decided to try out the look she has created since I have the IT thing for nude, natural and gold make-ups.

Behold, my version of the look but please don't criticize because I'm not claiming I look like Elle nor can I create a 100% similar look that she has created. I don't even claim that look will definitely look good on me, so, please be nice.

Erm, sorry for my expression because I don't really smile when I'm trying to show my make-up. For your information, I didn't use foundation or whatsoever because I was just too lazy. No primers on my eyelids too - just the eyeshadows, eyeliners and stuffs.

Well... I'm loving the natural look from this kit and yeah, if you own that kit, there are more than just one look you can go for. Try googling them up and I'm sure you can find one that you really like.

Hence, the last picture of mine - pretending to be cute.

Fail max, I know - please don't remind me.

Okay, food of the day that my sister and I prepared for lunch - yes, lunch, we skipped dinner tonight.

Noodles with tuna sauce!

The sauce comes in 96 calories only and I shared it with my sister!

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