Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Of hair care and Korean food

Okay, it's time for another little confession.

Every time I go out, for sure there will be some cash wasted, be it on necessary or unnecessary things - e.g. cosmetics. This time around, I didn't spend on cosmetics but I spent on other things, in which, some of them are necessary - at least to me.

I went out with Sherry the other day and saw D' Hair Shop at Midvalley is having sales up to 90% discount and both of us were so excited that we almost pengsan-ed-ed.

Can you guess how much I've spent from the above picture?

RM39.95 and not exceeding RM40, OMG!

~ Hair treatment mask at RM10 each ~

~ Hair conditioner at RM5 each ~

~ Hair soap for RM0.99 each ~

Most of the items there are on sale up to 50% off and you wouldn't even believe it that the items above range from RM50 to RM99.90 normally. Hence, it's so worth it if you're purchasing any hair care products at this time.

Even the normal hair care range from Sunsilk and I'm using costs around RM10 to RM30!

If you're interested, head to Midvalley or Pavilion now!

Few days ago, I was out with another friend to Korea Town at Ampang and I kinda spent RM60 there to stock up the necessary ingredients for cooking. Call me a Korean addict, yes, I am, thank you!

After I went to the pasar malam at Taman Connaught and tried the Korean Spicy Rice Cake or known as 떡볶이 or ddukbokkie in Korean. Hence, I went to get the ingredients needed to prepare the spicy rice cake because the cousin and I love, love, love Korean food.

The basic ingredients are...

Dried anchovies - gosh, can you believe the Korean anchovies are so big and fat compared to the local anchovies that we have here in Malaysia? Simply pathetic because our anchovies are like, tak cukup makan. Anchovies are essentials for preparing ddukbokkie, always bear that in mind!

Coming next in line is the hot pepper paste. LOLX!

Hot pepper paste is a must for most Korean dishes and believe me, there are a lot of different brands outside but for me, LOHAS produced the best hot pepper paste ever and I'm hooked!

Oh, if you're wondering why I bought the hot pepper paste in packs, it's because I own two containers from my previous purchases of hot pepper paste, hence, I guess, I don't really need the third one - hey, save the environment, okay? Containers can be re-used!

Plus, hot pepper paste in packet form is like RM2 cheaper!

The third and MOST-est essential ingredient is...

If you can't read Korean, these are the Korean Rice Cakes! LOLX!

I really had hard time trying to find them at Cold Storage, Jusco and Isetan. It seems to me that these supermarkets are not carrying the Korean Rice Cakes, hence, I'd have to travel to Korea Town at Ampang to re-purchase them in future.

It comes at RM9.65 per pack if I'm not mistaken and one pack can feeds up to 5 to 6 persons!

So, other ingredients like spring onions, fish cakes, crabsticks, sugar, salt or whatsoever can be purchased from any supermarkets near to you.

Even preparing ddukbokkie is as simple as A-B-C. Just make anchovy broth and then, throw the drained anchovies away and then, boil everything in the broth. The final step is to keep on stirring and wait for the broth to thicken and thus, your ddukbokkie is completed!

Have fun doing your hair mask while preparing your ddukbokkie!

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