Thursday, July 9, 2009

I nearly died...

I'm such a nice girl, why did that happen to me?

Anyway, I was on my way home from my workplace at Jalan Ipoh around 5p.m. yesterday when I stopped to make a phone call. So, as I was busy dialling the number on my mobile's screen, all of a sudden, I noticed a motorbike with two Indians approached me. They stopped their engine and one of them pointed a knife at me!

Imagine what the hell did those two motherfuckers do!

I'm not being rude but those two motherfuckers should just die and go to hell!

Lucky I was in the car and I was luckier because Bernard's car lock is the type that will automatically locked whenever the engine starts. I cannot imagine what will happen if the door was not locked and all.

I might even be dead!

My brother said I should just drove off and maybe ran into them so that they would be dead and that would send them to hell.

I was goddamn shocked and couldn't even drive for the next few seconds before I realized these two stupid motherfuckers were still outside! Then, I sped home, being so freaking scared that they would follow me home!

Argh... Next time I should carry a baseball bat everywhere I go or maybe I'll just carry few pieces of firecrackers just in case somebody attacks me, I can light up the firecracker and throw it out of the window while laughing at how they are going to get burned!


I'm certainly NOT a racist and I respect other races as much as I respect my own race. I hold nothing against other races.

In fact, I find that most of the Indians I know are cool and undeniably sweet as well as good-looking.

Remember this and this? OMG... that guy is totally a friendly heartthrob!

Again, there is this customer of mine, let's just call him Jason. He's working of American Express Malaysia and gawd, he is so hawt, alright? I always will remember him for his oh-so-sweet smile! He has got dimples! When you pair dimples with a sweet person, they make a perfect pair!

My heart always melts whenever Jason drops by for his usual Caramel Macchiato. I've been seeing him on and off at The Weld and whenever I get to see him, the thing that I always look forward to is his smile. I love his smile!

Geez... What is happening to me? I should be telling you guys about what happened yesterday and not about how hawt and heart-melting Jason is...


Simpleton said...

Chill chill, don't be too intense. Don't judge hastily, people of all colour do that"thing" Relax, next time call the police immediately. Don't hesitate. And please lock your door!!!!

Alice said...

be careful kakak. ya.. always lock the door first. make it a habit.. with the current economy, i don't think the safety in our country will ever improve. sad but true.

Angel Valerie said...

Bernard... not about the colour thing la... i love Jason so damn much, alright? hahaha... i was just too shocked that i couldnt remember to call the police or anything already.

Alice... that was the 1st encounter n heck those motherfuckers should just die n let everyone else lives in peace. our country's safety... no medicine to cure already eh. haha... geez, i love direct translation!