Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Please ask me for my number...

Note - Our prayer has finally being answered because you know what, my dear old Bernard has finally passed his FYP. OMG, that is totally one good news and I hope I was the first person he broke the good news too because, I'm his half-sister and he owes me a great meal since I've been praying religiously for him continuously.

Gosh, a lot of things have taken place this week even though it's only Wednesday today and I can still laugh about it. Darn, am I abnormal or what?

I must have been abnormal.

Come to think of it, it's better to face the world with a smile rather than to sulk, right?

I'm pretty normal after all.

Alright, I contradict myself.


Whatever it is... yesterday, I was on cloud nine. There was this really good looking customer who came in and ordered a Grande Mocha. I was at the bar station, preparing beverages while Ahmad was taking orders at the register. After which the customer has ordered his drink, he proceeded to wait at the pick-me-up station while talking to me.

It went like this...

Me: Grande Low Fat Mocha for you, sir?

Him: Yes, and no whipped cream, please.

Me: But, why? Mocha always tastes nice with a little cream.

Him: Nah, I'm getting out of shape lately and that explains why I'm opting for low fat. I've to hit the gym soon.

Me: But sir, you look more than just fit, you're healthy!

Him: OMG, I tell you, if we're in Australia now and you're telling me those with the plus point of you, being cute, I'll be asking for your number already!

Me: Err... Okay... You can ask for my number then.

Him: You see, you're a little hesitant and it took me quite a while to say that to you because I don't know how things work here or if you're allowed to give me your number or not - you know, work policy thingy.

Me: Is it? That thought never came across my mind before but I don't think our work policy stated that.

Him: Anyway, when is your shift going to end for today?

Me: I'll be here until 10p.m.

Him: Gosh, this is one tough work! Hahaha, so, are you going to be here again next week? What day will you be working?

Me: I don't have a fixed schedule actually but I'm doing middle shift next week, from 11a.m. to 5p.m.

Him: Actually, I've seen you here for a couple of times, it's just I didn't have the chance to approach you.


Did you just read through our conversation?

Is it like mad or what?

OMG... I think I could even go mad.

That guy is super good-looking and cute, alright?

When he left, Dee came to me and said, "OMG, Angel, he's asking you for your number!"

I laughed and said, "I know, right? Haha."

The highlight of Dee's conversation was, "Did you give him your number?"

I know you guys are excited as well, right? Duh, tell me you are and I'll let you know the answer. OMG... I'm so freaking excited as well, okay?

The answer is...

The answer is...

*drums roll and hand claps*








Darn... How could I be such a klutz in this thing? Dammit, he's really an heart-throb, alright? I should have just give him my number so that he can get back to me!

OMG, Angel, you're the biggest sotong and klutz ever!


On the other hand, Mr. Chan, one of our regular customers, mentioned that he wanted to bring me to Shangri-La for scrumptious Japanese dinner the other night but since I was pretty caught up and scared of him, I didn't show up at the time he set.

Am I nuts or what?

You see, I get so many benefits from my work.

Damn... I need to end here now. Feeling very much sleepy and I've to work tomorrow. Anyway, talk to you guys soon!


Sherene said...

that is so cute! hahaha...

Angel Valerie said...

i wish i didnt hesitate though. haha...