Friday, May 29, 2009

The story of my secret crush...

Guess who dropped by this morning?

I was busy clearing things in BOH when I was called to the front line. As hesitant as I was, when I stepped out of the BOH, the person I saw made my day!

He stopped by for Grande Mocha Frappucino this morning. As much as I was surprised to see him, he was surprised to see me as well. My goodness... When he smiles... awww... I can die right on the spot and go to heaven...

Him: Oh, hi, how come you're here this morning? I thought you're only coming in at 11 later?

Me: I'll only be doing that shift next week and today is an exception.

Him: Hmmm... Alright then, you're going to be here until...

Me: 3p.m.

Him: Any plan afterwards?

Me: Err... No, I need to get home to get my long awaited rest. Haha.

Him: Alrighty, so, I'll see you around.

Yeaps, nothing much because he was kinda rushing since office hour was starting soon when he dropped by. So, the day resumed as usual and it wasn't a busy day too since early morning. It was kinda a more laid back day if compared to the day before.

Around 1p.m. or so, when I was in the BOH for once again, Amir called me out and when I got out for once again, I saw him again - yes, he dropped by for the second time...

*sob, sob*

I was so happy to see him again and mind you, it's not love at first sight or anything, alright?

That was the time, he remembered my name!

Him: It's really hot outside and I'd like another cuppa Grande Mocha Frappucino, please.

Me: Okay.

Him: Phew, I've been walking from my office right opposite from here, all the way to the end of this road a while back for lunch with my colleagues and it's really burning hot out there!

Me: You might want to hang around in the store for a bit because it's cooler than outside.

Him: Now, I wish I'm back to Australia.

Me: You're not local?

Him: No, I'm an Australian but coming here for a project.

Me: Project?

Him: Yes, my company sent me here for a project with Ambank and I'll be back to Australia next week since I've been here since 2 months ago.

Me: Will you be back here anytime soon after going back to Australia next week?

Him: Perhaps, I will. You see, I've been travelling to and fro from Australia to Malaysia quite often and I'll probably be back here again in 2 weeks' to a month's time.

Me: Well, surely all of us are going to miss you.

Him: Anyway, Angel, it's really nice to get to know you and thanks again. I'll be looking forward to see you again.

*cough, cough*

I know, right? I was indirectly telling him that I'm going to miss him.

Darn... he does remember my name! I didn't even tell him my name and yet he knows my name. Damn... I can really die and go to heaven already!

But the ever so klutzy me, forgot to ask for his name!

You guys know what? All of a sudden, I feel so loved. Muahaha... you see... my twin brother dropped by after attending his interview and bought me some sore-throat candies. OMG, I love him so damn much and Bernard, if you're reading this, yes, you're very much loved! Hahaha... I hope you've enjoyed your Caramel Macchiato today but still, I want my treat and you're NOT going to get away from it!

Right at this point of time, I think although the past has already became a history, my life has just begun. Gosh... I really shouldn't be working so hard - yes, I've fallen sick. Flu, sore-throat, cough and damn... my schedule is so damn full...

I terribly need my rest...

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