Sunday, May 21, 2017

Skinny Pig by Uno @ Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City

I have been frequenting Desa Park City lately and I came across a newly opened non-halal restaurant somewhere in April - Skinny Pig by Uno.

If you're wondering, Skinny Pig is managed by the people of Uno Group. I managed to do some research and got to know that Uno has been operating in 1997. I thought to myself, "Since the eatery has been there for more than 20 years, the food shouldn't be bad."

Then, last Saturday, when my cousin came over to KL, I've decided to bring him to Skinny Pig by Uno at Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City.

We were one of the few earliest customers that particular day. I was kinda glad that the environment was really nice. Well, it's Plaza Arkadia, of course it's nice! Anyway, setting the environment issue aside, we proceeded to order few items on their menu, one of them being MaMa Belly since we've seen their advertisement on Instagram.

Being avid fans of Hakka style pork, all of us couldn't resist this dish as we all love, love, love deep fried pork belly.

Basically, we ordered few things:

1. Lamb Ragu
2. Pork Ribs
3. MaMa Belly
4. Iced Americano
5. Pepsi
6. Gua-Pel
7. 100 Plus

I have read reviews that their portions can be quite small but setting those negative reviews aside, we thought we would like to experience it ourselves by going and eating there.

When our drinks came, one of my cousins actually felt a bit disappointed that Gua-Pel isn't freshly squeezed juice. Well, if you're wondering, it's not stated on the menu whether it is bottled or freshly squeezed.

~ Gua-Pel @ RM12 ~

We made no noise because we thought, well, this could be miscommunication since we didn't ask the waitress. No biggie...

Then our main dishes came...

~ Pork Ribs @ RM38 ~

Pork Ribs is served one, yes, ONE piece of butterhead lettuce with one quarter lime. We were like, "What??!!"

It was seriously disappointing because we went to Naughty Nuri last weekend and we ordered Pork Ribs as well. The portion was big enough for our entire family of 6 but this one... it wasn't even enough for one person! The price that they charge is about the price that Naughty Nuri charges. WTF?!

Then, Lamb Ragu came...

~ Lamb Ragu @ RM22 ~

The portion for Lamb Ragu was alright but then again, the bread it came with sucks! Well, honestly, it was served with one piece of toast, cut into 4 halves. The bread is just like the normal Massimo or Gardenia bread loaf sold in grocery stores! I was half-heartedly thinking, "Is this even quality food that they charge us for? For this amount of money, I might as well buy Massimo or Gardenia bread outside!"

On the taste, it was quite good.

Then, our last dish came - MaMa Belly.

~ MaMa Belly @ RM22 ~

To our HORROR, the pork belly was served on almost withered lettuce and shredded cabbage!!!

What the freaking hell is that?!

MaMa Belly looked so freaking pathetic to the point, my cousin's jaw dropped and said, "WTF? This is the nice advertisement you've told us about?"

To be honest, I was a bit embarrassed... I was the one who suggested that we should go to Skinny Pig and the dish that my cousin ordered totally looked half dead. We talked about it and decided not to make a big fuss as we could write a review later on their Facebook.

As soon as I got home, I went to my laptop and wrote a review, expressing my dissatisfaction towards MaMa Belly. I wasn't expecting compensation or anything but merely an explanation on why their advertisement is so different from the real dish - the quantity of the pork belly especially. Within a few hours, the team at Skinny Pig replied to my review and this is how they replied.

Instead of rectifying the situation, the person behind the computer screen said we ordered the wrong dish. Our supposed-to-be MaMa Belly was not MaMa Belly but instead, it was Crackle 'n Pork Salad. WTF is wrong with these people?

Are they stating we do not know what we ordered? We specifically pointed at MaMa Belly when we ordered and we even double confirmed our order of MaMa Belly with the waitress and she repeated correctly. Even when we paid the bill, it was printed on the bill that we ordered MaMa Belly!!! That particular person has the gut to say we ordered Crackle 'n Pork Salad instead?!

If we were being served Crackle 'n Pork Salad instead of MaMa Belly, how should we be certain of that since there is NO ILLUSTRATION on the menu?

~ Picture obtained from Skinny Pig's Facebook ~

Are we supposed to be mind reader? That was our first patronage to Skinny Pig and they made us really uneasy, unhappy and mad at our decision to even go there in the first place!

To make things worse, this person 'explained' to us that Crackle 'n Pork Salad is served with crispy croutons, roasted pumpkin, dried cranberries and almond flakes, alongside with a dressing of honey and mustard.

WTF is that explanation?

Do you even see almond flakes, roasted pumpkin, dried cranberries, crispy croutons or even the dressing in the picture above?

Does this person even know what is on the menu?! How dare he or she gave invalid explanation?

All that I could see is a few pieces of pathetic pork belly with low quality vegetables. How can you, a restaurant managed by Uno (since 1997) serve this to the customers? The person behind the screen said only, "It saddened us that you and your guests did not have pleasant dining experience." 

Is there any apology for the mistake?

Oh, yeah, the apology is - let's try to play the BLAMING GAME!!!! Oh, it's the customer's mistake that the dish she ordered was Crackle 'n Pork Salad. The salad is actually quite nice as it is served with crispy croutons, dried cranberries, roasted pumpkin and almond flakes. Not to forget, we have our homemade honey and mustard dressing as well! Hopefully the bitchy customer doesn't catch my mistake - teehee!

No, you're freaking wrong - there wasn't any apology but all that I felt was - we were being blamed! I responded by confirming that we ordered MaMa Belly and it was RM22. Let's say if we really were being served with Crackle 'n Pork Salad, the ingredients that the person behind the screen mentioned were not served in the dish AT ALL!!! Now, whose mistake is it? Me, again?!

When family and friends from my Facebook actually commented on that, Skinny Pig by Uno has the nerve to totally remove my review!

Probably their policy is - if you can't settle the issue, DELETE THE FREAKING COMMENT!

Like, what?!

Is this how Skinny Pig by Uno handle dissatisfied customers? Is this even professional of them to completely throw out customer's reviews and comments instead of trying to improve based on what people commented?

So, they think they are good enough that they can delete customer's reviews and feedbacks, huh? Bravo, Skinny Pig, for being so freaking unprofessional!

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