Thursday, June 1, 2017

My life in general

I haven't been actively blogging like how I used to. Life has gotten a better hold of me due to more commitments pouring in this year. One of them being, #1 - the older you get, the more responsibilities you're gonna get.

Honestly, things never get easier - it gets more complicated as time passes. I found out that my brain has gotten into a more complex state where I am beginning to think about a lot of possibilities, be it good or bad. Then, I started freaking out at the thought of the future. I get a lot of 'what if's'.

To be completely honest, if we keep on having "what if's", things will never get done and you will never improve.

#2 - you tend to reminisce the good old days as you age.

A lot of people told me there is no use reminiscing the past because what done cannot be undone. Yes, what done cannot be undone but then, we are still entitled to think and miss the past, right? I am always being reminded of the reasons why I have came so far from where I was in the past.

I am often reminiscing those moments shared with my buddies during my university years. Well, there are times when I'd miss some bad moments as well but hey, it's my memory to keep!

#3 - you fear of the future as the clock ticks. It feels like I don't have enough time to get things done. Sometimes, I feel like I am torn in between, friends, family and job. I want to be at my best but there are times I realize I can't be at my best. It's a matter of time management. The time spent with my family is getting lesser and lesser because I found myself dwelling with all sort of other issues.

Arggghh, I hate #4 - your body starts to pile up those weight. In the past 2 years, I have lost 8kg to be exact and this year, I started noticing I have gained weight and this time it's 10kg! I am not even kidding you. Even though I try to control my portion and food intake, still, things get a bit of control and the weight started coming back. My metabolism is slowing down and yes, I have stopped going to the gym.

Life is not always fair but then again, we can choose to live the life we want.

Cheers to another weekend!

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