Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kilo Grill @ Publika

Yet, another food entry - that explains the sudden weight gain.

Anyway, I shall start on that topic soon.

So, after researching about this place called Kilo Grill @ Publika for quite some time, finally, we have decided to try it out last February.

If you have no idea, well, this restaurant serves mainly meat and seafood - buffet style! Well, if you're a meat and seafood lover, why not, right? If you're a Korean BBQ lover, there's another reason for you to visit this restaurant!

The interior of the restaurant isn't exactly Korean, Japanese or anything - for me, it's just overall a BBQ restaurant with great big exhausts to suck out the smoke.

For once, I have to emphasize that I love anything BBQ provided the the source of heat comes from charcoal because one can never deny anything cooked with direct heat from charcoal smells nicer and tastes more delicious!

Kilo Grill does use charcoal!

Each of us were given our own share of different dipping sauces as seen in the picture above. We were also served with tea. If you're wondering, tea is refillable. Side dishes like kimchi, pumpkin, spinach and tofu are served as well. Those are refillable as well - which is always a good news.

Okay, once you're seated, menu will be given to you and you are allowed to basically order anything on the menu. There is no limit of how many plates of meat or seafood you can order as long as your tummy is able to accommodate all those food.

Pictures credit to HeroralHighness

However, you do have to bear in mind that there are certain orders that are ala carte. Well, it means, those orders will not be included in the buffet. If you insist on paying, yes, you can order them. Those are Iberian Black Pig and Argentinian Sea Prawns.

So, what happened was, we kinda ordered everything on the menu because we were starving that day.

Yakitori has to be my favourite! As long as it's marinated meat, I'll be sold! If you do notice, Kilo Grill is serving three yakitori with 3 different marinades of which, cajun chiken and cumin lamb are my favourites!

My brother has obsession with yakitori scallops hence he ordered them for quite a number of times.

Honestly, I don't really fancy scallops or anything hence, for me, it was just okay with nothing to shout about. If your love for scallops is higher than the moon and stars, definitely pay Kilo Grill a visit because you can keep on ordering them for a minimum amount of money.

The waiter told us that he had to separate our orders into batches because we ordered too much and there wasn't much space on our table to put all our orders.

Part 1 of our orders arrived around 5 minutes later on a trolley.

We were ecstatic and tried to put everything on the charcoal grill. Hungry pang was killing us just from looking at the food.

Beef was served first.

Okay, now, there goes all the meat onto the grill!

The thing about grilling - it's gonna take around 8 to 10 minutes before the meat is fully cooked.

We were basically devouring all the meat as soon as we were done with the grilling.

Part 2 of our orders - seafood!

We ordered squids, tiger prawns, shishamo and mackerels.

The best seafood that I had that day was definitely the shishamos! I love, love, love shishamos!  The feeling that you have when you take the first bite onto the shishamo and the eggs explode in your mouth? That's pure heaven!

Aside from those seafood apart - the highlight of the day was definitely gonna be the oysters.

As for me, I am not so much of a fan of oyster because first of all, whenever I see people eating raw oysters, my brain just shuts down - are the oysters actually clean enough to be eaten raw?

Don't take me wrongly, I mean I do take raw seafood like salmon and tuna but still, oysters for me is on another level where I am not even willing to try to eat them raw.

If you do see clearly in the pictures above and below, Kilo Grill actually added some kick to the oysters that they serve.

They sprinkled cheese powder, I believe, on the oysters. I am quite unsure why they sprinkled cheese powder but hey, I'm not gonna question them too.

Since none of us wanted to eat raw oysters, we decided to just grill them.

Like always, I am the skeptical one hence, I actually waited for around 20 minutes for the oysters to be fully cooked before eating them.

On the taste of the oysters - seriously, I don't think those oysters that we had the other day were fresh and clean. My brother actually found few pieces of pebbles in his oysters while Mister A noticed something like a thread in one of the oysters he ate. I could taste the sand in the oysters!

I freaked out - I told myself, "Let's not order anymore oysters."

We settled for other orders instead of oysters.

Our last order were king mushrooms.

I believe they brushed the mushrooms with butter before serving them. Well, they were quite good to be honest - we ordered 3 plates of king mushrooms.

Total bill came up to RM159.60 for 4 persons. That's RM39.90 per head, inclusive of GST. I would say it's a steal for the quality and quantity of food you get at Kilo Grill.

For those of you who are interested to pay Kilo Grill @ Publika a visit anytime soon, don't forget they are closed on Mondays. If you go there anytime from 3.30pm to 5.30pm every day, you'll get to enjoy their buffet at RM39.90 only. For the price you're paying, you'll be given a grace period of 2 hours to enjoy grilling and eating. However, if you're not going to leave because your tummy can accommodate more food, you can opt for RM49.90 buffet without time limit on weekdays and RM59.90 on weekends.

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