Saturday, February 4, 2017

Australia CBS slimming pills that promise RESULTS!

Just like any of you out there, I want to lose weight. In fact, I want to lose more weight. I need to lose weight because I am kinda overweight. I kid you not when I'm telling you I am overweight. Over the duration of 1.5 years of not working out, eating right plus late night snacking, my weight has gone up tremendously. It really scares me but still, I am too lazy to do anything.

I have been doing some research for a bit since last year on this particular slimming pills called Australia CBS. I've been watching all the Instagram uploads by different sellers and all on these pills that the product actually works wonder in a short duration of time. I was quite skeptical in the first place so, I waited and waited for more reviews.

You can't really find proper reviews about this product online but there are tons and tons of sworn reviews on Instagram. If you're interested in reading them up, try looking up #australiacbs on your Instagram. The more I read the uploaded reviews, the more I felt like I needed to get the product. Hence, last month, after contemplating for almost a year, I contacted one of the sellers and managed to get my hands on the REAL Australia CBS Slimming Pills.

The price isn't cheap. It costs more than RM300 for a set of two bottles of pills. Still, according to them, results are guaranteed. I was having really high hopes on this products due to so many uploaded reviews on Instagram. I told myself, "It's gonna work this time! Losing 5kg in 2 months is doable!"

Once the bottle is opened up, you can see that the pills are green. Yeah, they are green. The newer version is black, which is said to be twice more effective than the green pills.

Do take note that if you're gonna buy the product, it must come with GENUINE sticker and the pills are coated.

I was briefed on how to consume this product - maximum 4 pills per day and 20 minutes before meals. The pills have to be consumed with 400ml of warm water.

Not more, not less, 2 pills for lunch, 2 pills for dinner and 20 minutes before meals with 400ml of warm water.

Just FYI, the two bottles of pills - it's a set. The treatment, as they called it, will last for 1.5 to 2 months. According to what I know, the result should be obvious in about 2 to 3 weeks. I was informed that you will see obvious difference in your waistline, tummy and well, basically, everywhere - inches will be off.

During the first one week, I kept on having difficulty in tracking the time hence, I thought, could be the reason why my weight remained heavy. I contacted the seller and she told me that I should really keep an eye on the time - 20 minutes before meals, no more, no less.

Hold yer horses - does that mean you have to control your portion or even diet when you're taking Australia CBS? What about exercising?

I was told that, "No, you don't need to diet. Eat as per usual but try not to over eat. Exercise is not required but if you want, you may exercise."

From the second week onward, I kept an eye on every single detail - 2 pills 20 minutes before meals with 400ml of warm water and eat as per usual without overeating.

On the third week, when I stepped on the scale, I noticed, I had in fact gained 2kg. Seriously, WTF?! What did I do wrong again?

I contacted the seller again and she told me that my situation is unusual because her other customer could see noticeable difference in just 2 weeks! WTF is going on??? I saw nothing but weight gain!!! She told me that her other customers also lost weight within 2 weeks to 1 month! I persevered and continued taking the pills for 1.5 months.

Honestly, let me tell you my side of the story.

  1. Don't waste your money because it's not working, at least not for me. However, if you want to throw RM300 into the river just to try, please go ahead. What doesn't work for me, may work for you. 
  2. I have in fact gained 3kg since I started taking the pills - bear in mind I ate per usual and kept track of every single detail.

Well, I kinda regret wasting my RM300 and I tell myself, never again, will I waste any more in purchasing slimming pills.

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