Tuesday, January 3, 2017

LINE Friends x Missha Tension Blusher

This entry is way, way backdated.

Back then, the entire Missha x LINE Friends line was legit - everyone was talking about it.

I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased several items from the collection. However, due to personal disliking, I let go of all the items except for one - Missha Tension Blusher.

I was practically waiting day and night for Missha to release this cushion blusher and when it got to me, I actually had mixed feeling about this blusher!

The shade that I got was VL03 Lavender.

Judging it from it's packaging, you can almost see that the shade is pink purplish. I can never pull off anything purple on my face but believe me, this shade almost brighten up my entire complexion.

Seriously, I don't know much about colour correction but when a product makes me look good - me likey!

If you're wondering, when you actually open up the product, you are not going to see any sponge-filled blush. Instead, you are going to see a mesh, a netting.

If you're familiar with Etude House's BB cream, perhaps you can relate to that.

The consistency of the blush is just like any other consistency of foundation or BB cream in casings. It's not liquidy and it's not runny so, you don't need to worry about the product getting everywhere during application.

When tested on the back of my hand, I would say, it's not a blush that will show up very well but you can actually build it up to your liking. However, be warned that this shade does not really show up well if you're taking non-flash photography.

In the two pictures above, I actually applied 3 to 4 layers of product just to get the colour to show up in the pictures.

Now, let me share two more pictures of the blusher on my cheeks.

If you do notice, right, you can see the shade of lavender on my left cheek. I kind of had to layer on the products to get the purplish shade to show up in photography.

One thing I do appreciate - you get to control the amount of blush you put on your cheeks so that the product won't look like kabooom, it's on your face!

With non-flash photography, the shade could hardly be seen.

One downside, you'll finish up the product really soon due to the amount of layering you have to do every time you are applying this blush.

Will I be getting more of these blushes?

Well, it depends but right now, no.

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