Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weight loss journey - 2016 edition

Seriously, I've been noticing my lifestyle trend I have had for the past few years. I would try so hard to lose weight for 2 to 3 months and when I succeeded, I stopped doing whatever I was doing and I piled on the weight.

My life is a disaster.

My weight was at its lowest at 57kg last year and somehow, it managed to bounce back to 63kg this year. What on earth is happening? I need to do a bit of recap honestly...

I stopped exercising - no cardio, no weight, nothing. Ever since my Korea trip, I have gotten so lazy to the point I completely went cold turkey for exercising. 

I stopped eating healthy - I've gotta face the fact that I have stopped eating healthy. I ate junk food, fast food and basically everything I could set my hands on. Even though I did eat in moderation, packing on these unhealthy food as somehow caused myself to pack on those extra pounds throughout the months.

I stopped calorie counting - the fact is calorie counting is good but I just stopped doing so because I felt so lazy.

When I saw my own picture few days ago, I was shocked. When did I get so big?

Some of my friends would tell me, "No, you didn't gain weight, don't worry."

That don't convince me at all. The fact is - I am feeling horrible from time to time lately when I take pictures with friends or even when it comes to selfie. I would edit all my pictures so that I would look exactly like what I am supposed to look few months ago before I gained those weight.

It saddened me.

Therefore, I told myself, "Enough is enough."

I need to lose those weight again and to look my best by December 2016 and this time around, I want my weight to be lower than 57kg.

I came across these meal plans while I was surfing for some tips on eating healthy.

I thought to myself, "There is no harm trying."

Sticking to a particular meal plan is a difficult task for me because I like variety. When I went through the plan, I noticed there the author included a lot of carbohydrate in it. The carbohydrate comes from potatoes and bananas. I am certainly not a big fan of these two kinds of food. I guess I will be modifying the meal plan according to what I like.

Most importantly, I will try to avoid using oil when I cook. No more oyster sauce or stuffs like that. I'm going to incorporate the use of herbs.

By the end of June 2016, I'm hoping to see results so starting tomorrow, I will be hitting the gym again. If I am unable to go to they gym, I will make it a point to work out at home too.

I shall keep my fingers crossed and till then, be healthy!

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