Friday, April 8, 2016

IOPE Air Cushion® Blusher

I love blushers as much as I love foundations. Actually, I love all kinda of beauty products. I have been eyeing this particular blusher from IOPE for quite some time but during the time at Seoul, I didn't manage to check them out - the IOPE Air Cushion® Blusher.

The trip was quite a rush since we were only there for 5 days 4 nights. I didn't manage to go back to IOPE or Aritaum to check out more products.

A month ago, a friend of mine went to Seoul and I asked for his help to get one of the blushers for me. The shade that I have gotten is No. 1 in Rose Pink. I actually was quite skeptical to get this shade because I was quite aware that majority Koreans are quite fair and this shade may not show up on my skin tone. However, I still went ahead and told my friend to buy it for me.

I was over the moon when he passed the mini package to me and told me, "This is your be-early birthday present so, you don't need to pay me." I was too touched to even utter a word - why, oh, why? I have such a generous friend!

Anyway, I took the box containing the cushion blusher in it, I was ecstatic!

Okay, honestly, it looks exactly like the foundation but this time, it's a bit smaller. It comes with 9g or 0.31 oz worth of product in the packaging.

First thing first, please check if your IOPE products are original because I've read countless entries on how cheap IOPE foundations and blushers could get. The cushion foundations retail around 38000 won each in stores, which is approxinately RM160.

If you're unsure, here's how you check for it's authenticity.

So, on the original air cushion blusher, just like any other Korean cushion products, it's sealed. If your product comes without seal, well, you know what you've gotten yourself into.

It's now time to test the blusher!

Honestly, I was half expecting the blusher to be good, like REAL GOOD because I love the foundation so, so much but...

When I pressed my finger into it, the product felt watery. In fact, I could almost imagine how the shade would look on my cheeks - near to none.

Due to it's watery consistency, the blusher isn't opaque at all. When I rubbed the product in between my two fingers, it actually disappeared! Hence, I took more of the product, this time, fully utilizing the sponge and pressed in onto the back of my hand...

You basically see nothing in the picture above.

I know, right?

Aside from being glowy, I could see nothing! I was disappointed. I slapped on the second layer and still, the shade didn't show up at all. I thought to myself, "Maybe my hand is too dark, I'll apply this on my cheeks!"

Application was a breeze, just like any other cushion products.

Before wearing the blusher, I have applied IOPE cushion foundation. Then, I applied the blusher on my cheeks.

To my horror, the first application did nothing!

I was secretly telling myself, "This is a complete waste of money!"

There was no glowiness on my cheeks at all!

For your information, I am in the shade MAC NC25 and I wear shade No. 23 in most of Korean foundations or BB creams. I do not considered myself dark or anything but hey, IOPE, this shade doesn't even show up on No. 23 skin!

Devastated, I slapped on three layers of product on my cheeks.

After 3 layers, the blusher did show up a bit but it was barely noticeable. I was thinking, "What?! I wouldn't fork out RM80 for a blusher that doesn't show up on my skin! No more next buy."

Seriously, I had high expectation on this blusher just because I've loved the foundation so much but too bad, I am disappointed with it.

At the end of the day, there wasn't even a trace of the blusher on both sides of my cheeks.

I was contemplating whether or not I should be splurging on the peach shade but looking at it right now, I don't think I wanna spend more in buying a product that doesn't show on my skin. With RM80, you definitely could get a better quality blusher.

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