Monday, April 4, 2016

Nana's Green Tea @ Pavilion

Courtesy of stupid sister, I had the privilege to dine at Nana's Green Tea last Christmas.

Since both of us weren't so hungry, we decided to order one set of meal to be shared between the two of us - chicken with tartar sauce served with mashed potato and vegetables. The intention was that we wanted to order two different beverages.

I was craving for Hojicha Latte after returning from Korea. I've missed the taste of the tea and in Malaysia, it is so difficult to get this kinda tea. I was so happy when I got to know Nana's Green Tea is serving it.

Basically, for me, Hojicha tastes like Oolong Tea with a little bit of brown rice taste. You'd have to try it out if you've never tried it before. I'm so addicted to it right now.

Since stupid sister is a big fan of green tea, naturally, she'd order green tea but this time around, she wanted it to be way over the top. Hence, she ordered the one with topping and whipped cream.

Erm... I'm not a big fan of green coloured green tea but if you were to ask me to drink green tea, I'd go for tea leaves type of green tea. Yes, I'm as old-school as that. I love tea at it's most natural form and there is no doubt about it. I even went as far as learning about tea leaves from this old uncle staying in PJ when I was doing my degree.

I was as crazy as that.

Dinner was ah-okay but the food was nothing to shout about. We ended our day with few pictures.

That's stupid sister with green tea and behold... the picture below!

It's yours truly!

With my love!

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