Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IOPE Air Cushion® XP Cover

Honestly, IOPE isn't a brand that would stand out to me first off due to its packaging. I like cute stuffs with cute packaging despite getting older every year. I mean please, which girl doesn't like cute stuff, right?

When I was in Korea, I did come across an IOPE outlet in Myeongdong but I didn't bother to walk in. Even when I was at Aritaum, I didn't check out their products too. Instead, I was drooling over Laneige and Mamonde. I managed to help my BFF to get the Air Cushion® XP Cover in No. 23 for her at the price of 40000 won, which was approximately RM160 at that time.

I didn't think much about it until my BFF came back to me, telling me that she loves that cushion foundation - it has nice coverage, not oily and it lasted on her. Whatever she said did create a stir in my mind and I decided to pre-order it from Korea with the help of Althea. I was dying to set my hands on the cushion foundation.

After a week, my parcel came and I jumped into the IOPE bandwagon immediately - I love it!

I bought the cushion foundation at RM119 and I believe it is one of the best RM119 that I have spent on foundation.

Just like any other cushion foundations, IOPE Air Cushion® XP Cover comes with 15g of product and another 15g of refill. The shade that I have gotten is No. 23.

Once I took the cushion foundation of the box, I was totally awed by the pretty white packaging of the casing. I mean, how could I even not notice how pretty the white casing is when I was in Korea? Duh... I know, right?

Similar to its counterpart, this cushion foundation doesn't come with additional puff. That basically means you have to re-use the existing puff until you're done with the 30g worth of product.

Honestly, even though my shade is No. 23, I was a bit surprised how yellow or orangey that shade turned out to be in the pan.

Just for your reference, I am a MAC NC25 and for other Korean cushion foundations, No. 23 works magic on me.

Then, I proceeded to swatch the shade on the back of my hand - I realized the shade isn't as yellow or orangey as being seen in the pan. Most probably the accumulated product in the pan resulted in a yellower shade.

As being seen in the picture below, after being blended out, the foundation fixed itself onto my skin naturally.

With flash photography, you would notice the foundation is a bit dewy but don't worry, the dewiness isn't excessive. Instead, the product will give you a healthy glow once applied on your complexion.

Time for coverage test!

As far as I know, IOPE has different lines of cushion foundations and since the one that I have gotten is from Cover Line, it pretty much means it has higher coverage than other cushion foundations.

Honestly, I wasn't too awed by the coverage test because seriously, it didn't quite cover everything. Probably I shouldn't be using a black liquid eyeliner but it doesn't matter.

I believe this is a medium coverage foundation. If you do want to build it up to a higher coverage, you may do so but personally, I prefer just one layer of product on my face.

When I applied the product onto my skin using tapping motion, I was seriously taken aback.

Gosh, the coverage is quite good honestly! It does not look too cakey on my dry skin at all so, I figured out this foundation is suitable for those with dry skin.

The best part is that it looks so, so natural under natural lighting.

Aside from that, it does brighten up my dull complexion. My make-up routine is never the same with IOPE.

I can safely say that for the time being, I will stick myself to this cushion foundation until the day I'm over it but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Stay safe, everyone!

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