Sunday, June 14, 2015

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Over the years, I have experimented with a lot of BB creams from the famous ones namely Etude House, Hanskin, BRTC, Skin79, Lioele, The Face Shop and few others. I have also tried out the not-so-famous ones like Shangpree, Giverny, Acwell, Heynature, Natina and several others.

Honestly, I tried loving these BB creams because they claim that they are much better than our typical foundations with added minerals and extra sun protection.

In the end, I either gave all these BB creams to friends and cousins or threw them away.

Not wanting to let go the BB cream craze, I told myself that I want to try out this final BB cream before fully reverting back to use my trusty foundations.

The infamous Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

I have heard a lot of good reviews about this BB cream and initially, I thought of wanting to get this online but then again, I was worried of the authenticity of the product. On top of that, if I am not mistaken, this BB cream is sold at around RM60 to RM90 depending on which blogshop you get it from. My first thought - overpriced!

Please don't judge me - I am not born with a silver spoon. I am quite reluctant to fork out my hard-earned money just to test out some products which I have no guarantee that I would love.

So, when my brother went to Korea early this year, I asked for his help to get one for me. I paid RM54 for a tube of 50ml worth of product - cheap!

On the packaging, you can find this information printed on the box.
The M Perfect Cover BB Cream makes your skin tone clean and natural by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage. It is a multi functional makeup cream with blocking UV rays, whitening and wrinkle care effects and simplifies makeup formalities. Its moisturized application with sleek W/S texture makes sleek skintone by supplying moisture and nutrition at the same time.

Directions: after basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount along the skin texture and finish with powder. Do not need to apply Sun cream in addition.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor): SPF of the product is measured by test methods of KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration).
One thing that always annoy me - product without pump. I don't like digging into products or having to squeeze them out. This product comes with a pump - that is a plus point

The pump works perfectly fine for me!

I have gotten shade No. 23 and I am a NC25 if you are wondering. The shade is just right - nothing too fair or dark.

The texture of the BB cream itself is quite thick. I was worried when I first pumped it out because the thicker the product is, the hardest it is to blend out.

So, then, I tested out for the coverage because I heard and read reviews that coverage is really good for this BB cream. I took out my eyeliner, make a stroke over my arm and this was what I got.

I wasn't really completely awed by the coverage. I was expecting the BB cream to completely cover the black eyeliner.

Boy, was I so wrong!

When you apply the BB cream onto your face, it does cover up your blemishes!

Notice there is pimple on my lower right cheek? Oh, wow... the BB cream managed to cover it with just one application!

I was impressed at that point!

I thought of going for the second layer but in the end nah... the BB cream felt a bit heavy. So, I was left with too much product on the back of my hand because I was too greedy.

This is how one pump looks like. Initially, I thought this is way too little to cover my face and neck so I pumped twice!

Guess what? Two pumps are way too much! I was being a complete idiot because I thought I have a real big and puffy face!

Best of all for those of you with big pores like me - this BB cream doesn't sink into your pores! I mean I know I hate BB creams and foundations that sink into the pores and make your complexion looks so, so ugly!

Here's a full-faced make-up.

This picture was taken under natural lighting in my room - nothing really special but coverage was good enough!

Here's another - side profile.

I am beginning to adore this foundation... I mean I seriously love this one so, so much. I have been using it to replace my trusty foundations and so far, it has yet to disappoint me!

Way to go, Missha!

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