Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hi, Bob!

Honestly, when it comes to hairstyles, I am not a very adventurous person. I have developed this phobia of going to salons after a nightmarish haircut at one of the salons in Cheras a number of years ago. I requested for a Bob hair but the idiotic hairdresser gave me a reversed bob cut like the picture below. After that particular haircut, I was left scarred.

Now that I think that, I guess that particular hairdresser was being idiotic - like, how many people on Earth would want a haircut like that? I think he didn't quite understand what is bob cut and he interpreted my words wrongly. Then again, I did show him a picture but still, he got it wrong.

Throughout the years while I was trying to grow my hair back, I refused going to the salons to even trim my hair. That was one of the reasons why I kept my hair as long as possible and from time to time, I would trim my split ends at home, by myself.

Another reason was that, I always have the thought that the longer your hair is, the sexier you are. Well, honestly, I loved my long hair so, so much!

Even when I would have to spend around RM150 a month just to get hair shampoo, conditioner and treatment masks, I still loved my long, long hair. I would use up 1 liter of hair shampoo in just one month and I know it was unbelievable - I wash my hair on everyday basis.

I am sorry but I do not like it when people tell me that I cannot wash my hair everyday as washing the hair everyday will result in stripping off the hair's natural oil. I am not going to listen to you because I cannot risk having oily hair the next day.

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you know that I have been keeping my hair long and seriously, I had no intention of cutting my hair at all...

I was secretly infatuated and in love with my hair because you know... long hair means I can smell my hair from time to time.

Oh, I just love perfumed shampoo and I have weird habit of smelling my hair. Personally, I think that everyone's hair should smell great and I get turned off with those people whose hair smell really bad. If you are going to be around me, make sure your hair smells good be it long or short!

So, what happened the other day that completely changed my mind about long hair...

I was in the toilet - you know, normal routine... As I was sitting down on the toilet bowl, I accidentally sat on my long hair with my bare naked butt. Luckily I realized I was sitting on my hair or else my long hair would be bathing in the toilet bowl. The aftermath of it, I washed my hair twice just because I am kinda paranoid about personal hygiene.

After thinking and thinking about it for the next one to two weeks, finally, I gathered enough courage and went to the salon - to trim my hair. I was telling myself, "I would just trim about 1 to 3 inches off, that's it!"

I was being cowardly.

However, few minutes later, something struck me - the sudden gush of bravery got the better side of me and I told my hairdresser, "I wanna get a bob cut but please make the  front part longer because I want it to be really obvious that it is a bob hair!"

There you have it!

I chopped off my long hair!

If you are wondering why my chopped off hair doesn't look that long, well... before I came to KL, I have trimmed around 3 inches off my long hair.

Honestly, the whole experience was kinda scary because I kept on thinking, "What if the end result was just like few years ago? I do not want to look like a clown!"

In about half an hour, my hairdresser told me, "Done!"

I hastily put on my glasses and I was like, "Oh, wow!"

I have never even dreamed I would look good with the new bob hair. You see, all my life, I have been spotted with long, long hair and I kinda got used to looking at my own reflection with long hair. All of a sudden, my head felt so light. Well, after you have had long hair for years and chopping them off does make your head feels so much lighter!

I was telling myself again, "No way, no way!"

I kinda liked it but still, I was trying to get used to the new hairstyle. I mean I like the new hair but getting used to it is still a problem - I am too used to having long hair. Even when I am pumping out hair shampoo during shower, I tend to pump out too much!

After having this new bob hair for almost a month now, I find that I am very obsessed with my hair.

A lot of my friends actually told me that I look so much younger with shorter hair. It is as if I have chopped off years from my face.

Well, point proven - long hair tends to weigh your age down.

Shorter hair means you need lesser hair shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask. Well, that is a good news for me as I do not need to overspend on my hair every month from now on. Even the time you need to take to dry your hair has been halved too with shorter hair. Previously, it took me two hours or more to air-dry my long hair but now, I can get it done within 30 minutes!

I love my hair!

As good as things may seem with my new bob hair, I find there are cons too!

With long hair, I always left it to air-dry without even combing it and when it was already dried, I could just use my fingers to run through my hair and voila, no styling required!

With shorter bob hair... honestly, I can tell you that there is NO short cut!

You need to spend extra time to blow-dry your hair with a hair-dryer! No joke! If you do not do so, you hair would go every direction! You will end up with a messy and retarded hairstyle. Been there, done that and not liking it at all! Hence, after every hair wash, I would need to take out my hair-dryer and round comb, well, basically, styling it as it dries!

You need to spend on either a flat iron or curling tong! You may be thinking hair-dryer alone is enough but lemme assure you, no, girlfriends, the hair-dryer alone does not do the justice at all! You need either a flat iron or curling tong to flat out the front part of the bob hair and to curl the back of the hair to give it more volume. If you are lazy, your bob hair is going to look so flat that you'll be the ugliest person with the ugliest hair!

With all the heat going on to style your bob hair, you need to spend a little bit extra on heat protectant products! If you are going to use heat on your hair on daily basis, you really do need to spend on the above mentioned products else you will risk having split ends.

These days, I have been training myself to be more patient when it comes to styling my hair. Trust me, I am not the person with the best patience in everything I do and with this new hairstyle, I have to really spend extra time and effort to style it because I do not want to look ugly.

Even if I do not wash my hair in the morning, I still have to style it using my flat iron.

So much for shorter hair, huh?

Whatever that is... I am loving my new bob hair so, so much... I am considering to cut it a bit shorter at the back but I am kinda worried that it will not look good on me. Well... probably I need more reassurance from people around me...

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