Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The thing about weight loss

It has been almost two years since I embarked on my weight loss journey. After the three toughest months in my life, I went back to eat normal meals and I stopped going to the gym as well due to few factors, one of which would be my laziness.

Reverting back to normal eating style was pretty easy in the first place but soon, it went haywire. I was constantly going through psychological battle of choosing good food over bad ones.

I know I should avoid sugary food like desserts and stuffs because it will cause a lot of side effects to my health as well as contributing to the increment in my weight. Soon, the craving went out of control a bit and I began to eat junk food and desserts.

Before I knew it, my weight increased from 58kg to 62.6kg within half year of stuffing crappy food down my throat to my stomach. I could feel certain dresses starting to get tighter and worse still, I felt bloated all the times. As if it wasn't bad enough, I didn't feel the need to get back on track.

Suddenly, it struck me, I am a kinda a yo-yo dieter.

I am very much aware of my problem and yet, I still repeat this yo-yo dieting routine from time to time. But hey... it isn't that I am enjoying every bit of it but I am that kinda person who has very low metabolism rate. That particularly means I do not sweat easily even in the hottest or dry weather. I have to be on the treadmill for more than 45 minutes only then, I could spot a little bit of sweat.


The motivation to get back on track was practically zero or it didn't even exist at all until April this year when my students decided to surprise me with a birthday gathering.

When I finally received the pictures, I was totally at a loss of words - how can I be so fat and I didn't even realize it at all? What on Earth was I thinking when I put all those crappy food into my mouth? Did I never even think of my waistline? Did I even want to gain back all the weight that I have lost over the past 2 years?

I was even more shocked when I went through the rest of the pictures taken during my birthday week.

How could nobody tell me that I have actually gained a lot of weight?

I mean I know I was gaining weight but I didn't realize it was so pretty dang obvious!
Look at my round face and big mighty arms! OMG... What has gotten into me?!

I was even more confirmed that my weight gain was horrible when I finally got the two maxi dresses from TCL and VGY.

How on Earth could I gain so much weight and still, I could be pretty ignorant about it? There was no way I could believe it was me, looking back at my own reflection in the mirror!

A million times NO!!!

*sighs... sighs... sighs... sighs... sighs...

For the next one week, I was practically emo-ing over my weight gain and finally, I decided to get back on track. I need to be at my pre-weight gain weight. I want to look healthy and most important of all, pretty. I need my confidence back. I need to feel alive for once again!

I left my hometown from KL - yes, peeps, I am back at KL for good and this time, never gonna go back to my hometown and that hell of a work place! Then on, I decided to once again, embark on another weight loss journey. Now, you see? Yo-yo dieter...

The first week into eating clean went by pretty easy because I could easily find healthy food supplies in KL. Unlike in my hometown, salads are like 3 to 4 times more expensive than what we have here in KL. Eating clean in my hometown was literally impossible because every now and then, my parents would whip up good meals or I would go out with friends.

Lemme share with you what I have been eating and doing for the past 3 weeks in KL.

If I were going out, I would opt for brown rice or quinoa with salad. I especially love the brown rice served by Three Little Birds Coffee in D7, Sentul.

The bento box isn't exactly cheap but I was aiming to eat healthily to shed a few pounds off so it has to be done that way.

If I were to order coffees or teas, I would go for either low fat milk or soy milk. At least from what I understand, these two types of milks have lower calories compared to normal fresh milk. Well, sometimes a girl gotta do what she gotta do.

I try to stick to only order salads without mayonnaise or thousand island sauce. I usually opt for balsamic vinegar, garlic or a little bit of chilli here and there for my dressing.

If I were going to order chicken, it has to be chicken breast and well... grilling would be the best option

One thing you have to bear in mind if you were going to order salad outside - it is not entirely cheap. Let's say I am trying to cut down on my spending on food, what would I be eating?

To be honest, I do not particularly like Yong Tau Fu because I know that every bit of it is processed food. The trick on ordering Yong Tau Fu is that, do not be greedy and get everything in sight. You have to know what is the food that your body needs.

If you do not know what processed food is, it basically means food that has been altered from its natural state.

Examples of processed food would be fish balls, nuggets, hot dogs, sausages, sodas and others.

Hence, if I were going to order Yong Tau Fu, I would go with tofu and fresh vegetables. However, my diet isn't extremely strict to the point I have to get rid of all processed food from my life once and for all. Occasionally, I still eat my hot dogs and sardines.

As far as fast food like McD and KFC, well, to have none would be the best idea if you are going on a diet.

Most of the times, I try to keep things simple. That explains why I prefer to prepare my own food at home. One of the most important reason why that is so is because at least, I know what gets down my throat to my tummy.

My utmost favourite meal would be this!

I bought myself a spirelli so that I could make zucchini noodles.

You may be telling me that it is a waste of money to buy hings like that but lemme tell you - sometimes, you have to cheat yourself in order to make yourself feel good and zucchini noodles is one of the ways to end my craving for pasta.

At least, I feel like I am eating noodles.

Carb craving - settled!

The spirelli has to be one of the best products I have ever bought because I am kinda hooked on making zucchini noodles every day.

If I were too lazy to cook, I would just throw in some lettuce topped with Yellow Mustard and well... if there are chicken stripes, that would be the best.

I do take carbohydrate but I try to minimize the total amount of it. I would opt for either protein or probably just salad.

By the end of Week 1, I actually feel less bloated and I could feel my tummy flatter.

At the same time, I frequented the gym two to three times every week. I would do squats, cardio and a little bit of weight lifting. During weekends, I would go swimming.

I am not aiming for a model-like body but I just wanna be 58kg again.

During the second week, my mum came to KL and it was almost impossible for me to get her to go on a diet with me so, over the few days she was with me, I did eat food like nasi lemak, thosai, curry, rendang, fried squid and all those unhealthy food. The trick is to eat some and not a lot.

I'm sure you get what I am trying to tell you.

On those days when mum went out with her friends, I would stay in and whipped up my own meals.

Sometimes, I would prepare extra so that I could pack up some late dinner for my brother. The pasta that you see in the picture above is not mine though. I am trying to avoid carbohydrate so, you get what I mean.

Another easy salad recipe would be this...

No cooking required.

You basically just throw everything in and believe me, the combination is good. I love the flavor that the tuna gives whilst the corns are really, really sweet!

On days when I do not feel lazy, I would cook a bit...

Well, easy dish like what you see above is really good for your body. You basically just boil the french beans and cook the minced chicken.

Voila, ready to be eaten!

Oh, please cut down on the sodium and salt, okay?

By the end of the second week, I actually feel good about myself.

It could be psychological but I do feel lighter.

Pants are starting to feel loose once again. I am determined to keep up my good work!

This week is the third week and I am trying to experiment with vegetables that I have never tried before - brussels sprouts.

I just popped everything into the oven after drizzling the brussels sprouts with a bit of olive oil. After 25 minutes, done!

Fried myself an egg with half link of Chinese sausage.

For dinner, I would usually go a bit lighter by taking raw vegetables.

Well, I kid you not when I tell you everything that you are seeing here in my blog is so easy to prepare. I usually could eat after 15 to 20 minutes and best of all, I would meal-prep for the next day or so. Life couldn't get anymore easier.

So, this week's update...

Please excuse my flabby thighs...

Pants are loose, I have mentioned that. I feel like my collar bones are getting more obvious. My thighs aren't as gigantic as they used to be.

Best of all... I could feel my face getting slimmer too.

 Life has never been so good with dieting.

Hopefully by the end of this week, I would still be motivated to continue to eat healthy to reach my goal weight of 55kg to 56kg.

I haven't have the chance to go and weigh myself yet but I would do so soon.

Before I head off to bed, I really hope my entry would be useful to those of you who are trying to shed off a few pounds.

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