Sunday, May 10, 2015

Eat Me Dessert Cafe @ Bangsar

It's weekend and if you have no plans coming up and you're around KL, you may want to pay this cute cafe a visit.

It has been one hectic week when things went wrong ever since last Monday and I had had bad time trying to solve some issues - proposal submission to Maybank credit cards. When I finally realized weekend is coming, my girlfriend and I made a plan to head to Eat Me Dessert Cafe at Bangsar.

~ picture credit to Bangsar Babe~

I have been wanting to pay Eat Me a visit since some time ago but due to the fact that my car has not been shipped to KL yet, things get pretty difficult as I have to get a car from my brother.

The whole cafe looks like Alice in Wonderland themed if you'd ask me and best of all, I guess, it looks a little vintage, right?

 ~ picture credit to Bangsar Babe~

As soon as my girlfriend and I walked into the cafe, we went like, "Awww... this cafe is so cute..." 

Our hearts literally melted from the cuteness that we forgot to take pictures of the cafe as well as the menu.

The menu is two-sided and simple.

Some of the beverages were pretty new to us - things like chill pills where they would give you either chocolate, Nutella or espresso pills and warm milk. You are supposed to pour the warm milk over the pills to melt the pills.

Isn't that something adorable?

We didn't order that though. Probably gonna go back and try that soon.

On every table, there is a decorative item that looks like either a llama or bunny.

My girlfriend was like, "Eat me on the llama? Does that mean we can eat the llama?"

Funny - we were too overwhelmed by the cuteness.

We camwhored a bit because all the items in the cafe are too cute too resist.

Then, we proceeded to order.

I went for Latte (RM9.50) because I was really having this craving for caffeine and it was bad that I had headache. Girlfriend went for Nutella with Belgian Chocolate (RM10.90).

~ Latte @ RM9.50 ~

The latte wasn't the best latte I have tried - it was kinda average for me. I couldn't finish my share and wasted half cup of it.

On the other hand, I was pretty intrigued by my girlfriend's beverage. I mean who doesn't love Nutella?

I am on diet but I love Nutella!

~ Nutella with Belgian Chocolate @ RM10.90 ~

She told me the beverage tasted a bit bland. She is an avid chocolate fan and appreciates everything chocolatey. When I say chocolatey, it pretty much means, the chocolatey taste has to be smooth and intense.

She said she couldn't taste the Nutella at all and that even the Belgian chocolate wasn't doing any justice.

Then again, she has one complain - the size of the beverage is too small. She would appreciate if they could serve Starbucks' sizes.

I was dead hungry that night because I didn't make it to take dinner as I was swimming early and kinda overlooked the time. I told my friend that I would wanna go for Shibuya Honey Toast since I've missed it so much after my visit to After You in Bangkok, two years ago.

Just for your information, I am not gonna compare this Honey Toast to what I have tried in After You @ Bangkok.

~ Shibuya Honey Toast @ RM16.50 ~

They serve the Shibuya Honey Toast with generous amount of vanilla ice-cream and my girlfriend went crazy over the ice-cream!

Usually, most of the cafes that serve toasts, serve them with only one scoop of ice-cream but Eat Me is serving two scoops!

 Mum said I looked like a happy kid in the pictures above.

I mean, who wouldn't be happy with desserts? I know I am on diet but there are times when you've gotta chill and enjoy yourself, right?

All of a sudden, I feel like the decision of leaving my hometown for good is the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

I am much more happier here and best of all... there are a lot of cafes to indulge myself in!

If you are heading to Bangsar, remember to pay this cafe a visit! It's somewhere along Jalan Telawi 2.

Meanwhile, happy mother's day to all mothers in the world and a most blessed mother's day to my super mummy!

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