Thursday, December 12, 2013

This is my journey - weight loss edition


Hello, everyone!

It has been quite some time since I last updated my blog. My apologies for lack of reviews and updates. Finally I am back after a few busy months of rushing through my work.

I hope everyone has been healthy and good.

Another reason for my absence is that I have been busy keeping up with gym and dieting. If you don't know, yes, I am still in weight loss mode.

If you are wondering, my life has changed so much ever since the day I embarked on this journey.

My weight was at its lowest in 2008.

However, all those crash dieting had taken toll on my health - I started having frequent gastric. The pain was intolerable to the point I fainted a number of times. It made me give up on my weight loss journey. I am the type of person who gains weight easily so when I stopped dieting, the weight came back.


I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the picture above. I looked horrible in the picture.

I tried hard but I only managed to lose 4 to 5kg and then, I was stuck!

When I started working in April 2013 this year, I did not think much about losing weight and being healthy. It was only when I saw in one of the pictures take earlier how fat I was comparing to my colleagues. It was the moment of truth.

I admit, I had been piling on weight like mad especially after I got back from KL.

My parents had been whipping up nice food every now and then. Aside from that, we went out for meals several times a week.

All these contributed to my whooping weight gain since April. Even so, I kind of ignored the piling on weight until Mr. K pointed out how fat I was in one of the pictures.

To be honest, I was a little annoyed at his comment that I looked back and yes, I was shocked. I piled on 7kg ever since April!

I knew I had to loose weight but at the same time, I was not motivated to lose weight. I knew I had to do something and yet, I was lazy to even jog. I knew something had to be done to my current diet and yet, I did not want to change it.

Upon false motivation and force from my mum - I dragged my big butt to the gym for the first time ever, in my entire life! That was in August 2013.

Again, I was shocked when I saw the picture - I looked so, so fat to the point I simply refused to believe it was me in August 2013.

Then, I made a vow to myself - I want to lose weight and look good. I want to be healthy. I told myself that I need to lose weight by December because my best friend is getting married and I want to look my best during his reception.

Plus motivation from Mr. K, I made up my mind that I will lose those unwanted weight once and for all.

My journey started - I frequented the gym at least 3 times a week.

If I were not at the gym, I would be working out from home. My favourite YouTubers are Cassey from blogilates, and Joanna.

In order to know my progress, I purchased a calorie counter from Guardian Pharmacy. The price was around RM27.90 but it was totally worth it!

The purpose is just to motivate myself so that I would put in more effort during every session of working out.

Aside from working out, I began my journey into cleaning out my diet. Well, that pretty much means no more junk food, fast food or any food that will pile on the extra fat.

In this case, I can tell you, the only food that has less calories - greens!

Just like what your mama always tells you, "Eat your vegetables!"

At the same time, I started to prepare my own food instead of buying packed or processed food. I made it a habit to boil, steam or bake my meals.

I limit my daily calorie intake to 1000 kcal.

If you are wondering, I am using the application called My Fitness Pal to keep track of my daily calorie intake.

I know that is a little bit too little but that was for myself. If I knew I were going out for a meal with friends, I would work out more just because I knew I would be eating.

Lesson learned throughout this journey...

I learned how to control portions and not to over eat.

In about 2 months in September 2013, I lost 8kg.

I was over the moon. I couldn't believe it... 2 months and 8kg gone!

At this point, however, weight loss got more and more difficult. My weight just couldn't go down and I was desperate.

I began replacing certain food with better alternatives.

Instead of low fat milk, I started taking fat free milk alternative.

I learned that I should replace my bread with whole-wheat or wholemeal. That was when I learned to bake my own wholemeal scones - lesser calories, lesser fat.

Oh, I forgot to mention - I replaced sugar with stevia, Slim-up or Equal. Lessor calorie is good!

Aside from replacing this with that, I invested more time in working out and weight-lifting in the gym.

When I weighed myself in November 2013, I realized I have dropped another 4kg.

It was almost surreal.

From August to November 2013, I dropped 12kg with my own effort that I never knew I could do it.

Life has been both wonderful and crazy throughout this journey of trying to lose weight.

Mr. K could not believe I would be able to lose weight too!

All pictures are NOT edited.

Every morning, I remind myself, this is the reward of staying active and eating clean.

I have never felt better or healthier than now.

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