Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Not so typical Chinese breakfast

I love breakfast - seriously, I mean I am in love with breakfast. It is the only time when I could eat like a king. However, being brought up in a typical Chinese family, my grandparents used to emphasize that taking light breakfast would be healthier hence, most of the times, when they were still around, our breakfast would consist of congee and 油条 (fried breadstick).

However, after staying in KL for quite some time and getting exposed to the culture of having 点心 (dim sum) for breakfast, I am hooked.

I have been back to my hometown for close to 2 years now and from time to time, I miss my dim sum moments in KL - the mouth-watering dim sum, especially the steamed pork buns from Kedai Kopi Mee Bon @ 3rd Mile, Jalan Ipoh!

At the place where I am currently staying, it is so difficult to even find restaurants or cafes serving dim sum because it is not in the culture of the people here to order a plate of dim sum for RM3 to RM5 when you can have a plate of filling fried noodles for exactly the same amount you are paying.

Sad case, huh?

When I got to know one of my favourite restaurant, Good Happiness Restaurant @ Sibu, is serving dim sum breakfast, I flew there. Are you kidding me? I love dim sum! I actually went back several times just to try out all the dim sums.

~ Tri-Colored Siu Mai ~

~ Deep Fried Yam Puff ~

~ Braised Spare Ribs ~

~ Char Siu Pau or BBQ Pork Buns ~

~ Steamed Fish Balls ~

~ BBQ pork puffs ~

~ Egg tarts ~

~ Siu Mai ~

~ Pumpkin Siu Mai ~

Because dad said eating dim sum is too mainstream and these cute little things won't fill him up, there he went - he ordered more than what our stomachs could take.

Well, that's my dad for you.

~ Stir Fry Vermicelli ~

~ Mee Mamak ~

~ Char Kway Teow ~

The total bill came to less than RM150, which was considered cheap, I guess. Dim sum as far as I know, usually won't fill you up and if you're thinking of a really filling meal, usually, one would not go for dim sum.

However, on that particular day - our stomachs exploded from having too much food. Talking about dieting, huh?

Anyway, if you happen to be in Sibu and thinking of where to have your breakfast, you may wanna consider going to Good Happiness Restaurant. They are open for business everyday as early as 8am through 11am. During night time, usually the restaurant would be booked for weddings or functions.

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