Monday, May 18, 2015

Bling your way to better skin

I have a huge collection of masks.

That is not a problem.

The problem is, I am still in the progress of scouting for better masks. It was then, a few years back, when I was still with a Korean cosmetics company, my boss introduced these masks to me - Manefit Bling Bling Hydrogel Masks.

Before you start asking around, what is a hydrogel mask, lemme enlighten you.

Hydrogel masks are made out of almost medical grade material that is essentially used for treating burn victims. Absorption level is high because these masks seal in the moisture, ensuring maximum absorption. The normal sheet masks out there would dry up in about 15 minutes or so but hydrogel masks could sit on the skin comfortable for 40 minutes without a problem. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about your skin getting dried up.

I wasn't really excited about trying out these masks three years ago because of the price... It was priced at RM16 to RM18 per piece. Seriously, I did not have much budget then. 

After a while, when I started working, I began to invest a little bit extra on skin care and I purchased these masks because after the first try a week earlier prior to my big purchase, I was hooked!

No, no, no... I didn't spend too much on these masks because they were on sales when I purchased them. So, the total that I have spent on those masks - worth it!

The first Manefit mask that I fell in love with - Wrinkle God Hydrogel Mask.

Seriously, I could see flecks of gold in the mask!

We, ladies, spend a lot on anti-ageing products and in the most recent years, we have heard all about this 24K gold facial treatment that promises you a more youthful look and everything. For a quarter of price that you are paying for at skincare centers, why not try this mask out?

Of course, with consistent usage, you will be seeing results. In my case, I am such a lazy person and I only use masks when I feel like it hence, effect is minimal.

So, if you want to look youthful, I would recommend you to use this mask twice a week.

Basically, when you take the hydrogel mask out of the packaging, you get to see a gel-like form.

Place it on your face properly because we do not want wrinkles, do we? Smoothen out rough surface on your skin and then, you can leave the mask on for about 40 minutes to one hour without a problem.

When the session is over, all you get is - fresh and younger looking skin!

The next mask is from the same line but it is suitable for those of you out there with dry, patchy skin. It is the moisturizing mask from Manefit.

Honestly, as you age, your skin loses its elasticity and then, dryness began to haunt you especially around your eyes area and on your laugh lines.

I hate it when I wake up in the morning, feeling my skin is really tight.

The best time for me to use this mask - before I apply my make-up!

This mask does its job by providing sufficient moisture to the skin and well, what is there not to love, right?

All in all, I love hydrogel masks because they actually feel more gentle on the skin and best of all, there is no essence dripping everywhere!

Have you tried out hydrogel mask?

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