Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Power up your day with Oxydrinks

Honestly, I am not a very health conscious person. In the past, I practically ate everything I could because I thought, "Ah, you're too young to care about what you feed your tummy! Food is good, food is blessing! Eat!"

It is some sort of like what the Chinese always say, 能吃是福.

Over the years, as I start to age, I realize the need to stay energized and healthy is more important than any other things in this world. I started taking supplements, collagen and others just to make me feel good about myself.

I was being brought aware of this new product called Oxydrinks

I am a person who has to have my daily caffeine in the morning before I head out to work on daily basis. Although I do know that caffeine is bad on long term but I am unable to get rid of that bad habit of mine.

Then, I thought to myself, perhaps, I should replace my daily dose of caffeine with Oxydrinks for a few days and let's see what has this beverage has in store for me.

If you do not know yet, Oxydrinks is made up of 22 natural ingredients.

It provides energy to the consumer - I need it!

It contains no added sugar, salt, trans fat, coloring, flavouring and artificial ingredients - my diet needs it!

If you are worried about your daily calorie intake, well, you have it covered. Per serving of Oxydrinks is only 103kcal!

Definitely, this is something I would go for if I'm going strict on my daily calorie intake.

Even when it comes to preparing the beverage, it is as simple as A-B-C.

In less than one minute, you'll have the beverage ready, right in front of you!

Just so some of you may want to know, the powder smells of brown rice, which is a plus point for me because I love anything with brown rice in it!

True to what has been printed on the packaging - the beverage does not contain artificial sugar or stuffs so it pretty much tastes like - brown rice powder.

To bring it to another level, because I need a little nit of sweetness in my life, I would add half a pack of Equal to the beverage just to sweeten it up and to give myself added boost of energy for the whole morning until lunch!

Seriously, I do love this beverage and I can foresee myself getting more of it.

Some of you may be asking - does it help to regulate bowel movement?

My answer is YES!

During those few days I was taking Oxydrinks, I found out that it did regulate my bowel movement. It could be due to the fine fibers in the beverage itself.

If you are interested, here's where you can get it from.

Click here!

Lemme know what you think!

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