Friday, January 9, 2015

Goodbye, 2014 - you have been mean to me!

Right before we slipped into 2014, I had been telling myself that 2014 would be a good year and everything would be starting fresh but it appeared that I was wrong - wrong in so many ways.

I used to read blogs talking about new year resolutions and now, in 2015, I noticed that I have stopped doing so because I have stopped caring about what other people are going through, be it good or bad. First and foremost, you cannot be labeling me as selfish or anything because you are NOT me to begin with and you do not have the rights to judge what I have gone through in 2014.

However, there is indeed one thing I want to point out - know who your friends are.

On the surface, some people may appear to be friendly and sincere but, ask yourself a question, "Can I trust them?"

If this question has been lingering in your mind for quite some time already, I can tell you, "No, you shouldn't put 100% trust on everyone aside from your family."

Fake friends are everywhere.

In terms of friendship, I guess I am quite idiotic - I tend to trust people easily but throughout 2014, I guess I have learned quite a number of things in friendship.

Some people are waiting for the right moment to bring you down.

They would be the cause of all the problems you would be going through.

Friends like so - you may want to forget about it. You will eventually see that friends like so are going to bring more pain to you than joy.

It broke my heart but what can I do? I don't like making enemies but sometimes, life doesn't go the way you wanted it to be.

Life is cruel but fake friends are more than just cruel...

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