Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winterize your nails this Christmas!

Christmas has to be my favourite day of the year!

I have always been a big fan of white Christmas but as luck would have it, being born and raised in Malaysia, I have never even seen snow before. Hence, one of my wish this lifetime - white Christmas.

Since white Christmas would be way out of my league as of now, I have to curb my craving via winterizing my nails - you know, Christmas is just a week's away.

I am naturally born with healthy nails - my nails aren't brittle or dry hence, I normally do not really do much to them when there is no event. However, I do apply hand lotion from time to time to ensure my nails are healthy as I am exposed to the air-conditioner most of the times due to the nature of my job.

I would have to admit that I love nail arts, manicures and pedicures but sometimes, you may find out that the designs that you have drawn onto your nails never lasted more than 3 days!

Oh, I know exactly how it feels!

You take hours and hours trying to perfect your manicure and after just one to three days - chipped manicures and all!

Over the years, I have finally come to know that one of the reasons that manicure chips easily is due to the fact that you did not clean and moisturize your nails before painting them. By doing so, at least it would help to prolong the lasting power of the nail enamel.

Today, I am going to share Julep's tips on giving more oomph to your nails this holiday season!

If you do not know yet, Julep was founded as a nail parlor in 2007 and expanded into a rapidly-growing beauty brand that takes an end-to-end approach to product development, testing and distribution.

For this holiday season, Julep is introducing few new shades into their collection and I went ga-ga when I saw the shades!

I wish I could try them all out because right now, those shades fit my mood - wintery and cold!

If I would have to choose, my choice would definitely be Shari and Kiki!

Anyway, since I couldn't get Shari, I figured out I would go for something similar like what I have in the picture below.

Winter, for me has to be sweet, that explains the pastel pink. Then, the chunks of glitters actually represent the snow. The silver carving represents my love for art and anything creative.

The end result - awesome!

Even though I do not get to experience white Christmas, at least I could feel the spirit on my nails!

Remember to pay Julep a visit for their tips and nail polish!

So, how do your winter nails look like?

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