Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Home-made goodness in every cup :)

Hello, everybody!

I'm back with another recipe today - hot white chocolate beverage.

Just in time for Christmas!

In a small town like this, the only thing that keeps my sanity is cooking or food preparation.

Last month, stupid sister and I actually craved for hot chocolate but we couldn't find any available in our town so, we opted to make this beverage at home.

Instead of the normal dark chocolate, we went for white chocolate for a twist.

Below are the ingredients.

First step - you need milk!

I love it has been said in a lot of recipes that full-cream milk would be the best option but seriously, both of us did not feel like wanting to go on the heavier side hence, we opted for low-fat milk.

Amount of milk needed - 250ml for one serving.

Pour the milk into a pot or something and turn on the fire.

To the slowly boiling milk, add in a tablespoon of heavy cream.

Since I was unable to get heavy cream in this small town, I went for whipping cream instead.

I am not quite sure how much chocolate chips you need but since stupid sister and I don't really fancy overly sweet beverages, we used only 100g of white chocolate chips.

Let the chocolate chips melt into adding in one tablespoon of vanilla flavour.

Then, wait for your beverage to boil before serving it.

However, you need to constantly stir it to avoid those chocolate chips from getting burnt at the bottom of the pot.

There you go!

A nice cuppa hot white chocolate beverage!

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